Sure Champ and Show-Rite Partnership

This summer Sure Champ announced our partnership with Show-Rite. We are excited to now have Sure Champ added to Show-Rite’s 40-90, EZ Tone and 17-5 feed products. I sat down with Jason Lackey, Sure Champ swine specialist, to answer a few questions about Show-Rite and Sure Champ.


1. If a breeder or exhibitor chooses to feed Show-Rite’s 40-90, EZ Tone and 17-5 feeds do I still need to feed Sure Champ?

Show-Rite has put the recommended Sure Champ dosage into each of those three feeds. However, we have found that as hogs continue to grow, adding additional Sure Champ to their rations will only help them maintain a strong appetite. Sure Champ really shines when animals are under stress. As hogs get older we are pushing them and taking them to more shows. These things all cause extra stress and additional Sure Champ can make sure they stay on track.

2. How else can I keep my pig eating and in optimal health.

Sure Champ does an incredible job keeping animals healthy and on feed throughout the year. Yet, if you are ever in a situation where your pig gets sick or goes off of feed Vita Charge is a product that has a quick turnaround in terms stimulating appetite. Vita Charge comes in several formulas but the paste is the easiest to use with hogs. It is a great tool to have in the barn.

3.  How will I know which Show-Rite bags have Sure Champ in them?

You will want to look for the Show-Rite feed tags that have the Sure Champ logo on them. Show-Rite should have 40-90, EZ Tone and 17-5 with Sure Champ into all their distributors by the mid-September.

Look for the Sure Champ logo alongside the Show-Rite logo.

Still have more questions about including Sure Champ or Vita Charge in your feeding regimen? We have nutritionists on staff that can help answer those questions. Just visit our Contact Us page and submit the request form with your question.

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