Sure Champ Top Tweets of the Week X

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Time to bring back the tweets of the week.

LifeofaShowman ‏@LifeofaShowman me and my car are going to smell like sure champ after this road trip #surechamp #8bags @SureChamp All farm kids know that cars are just as good at hauling feed as trucks are. Maybe me need to come up with a Sure Champ air freshener.


Cattle Chick ‏@cattlechick2013 I love that my friends always want to come over just so they can help me work hair! #stockshowlife Now those are great friends. 


Elizabeth Oliver ‏@msuaggirl Yes, I did just jam out to “like a prayer” in the barn with a scotch comb as my mic. Not sure heifer was impressed #GetLikeMe #StockShowLife Next time can you get a video, please? From the show barn to The Voice in no time!


Meaghan Berry  ‏@megallena In animal science…. Hoge asks how many are missin 1st week of school for nwss 2013…. We all raised our hands.. #stockshowlife We remember those days! First it is the Christmas countdown, and then Denver countdown. Hope you’ll all stop by the VitaFerm Sure Champ booth in the yards. 


Savanna Kremling ‏@skremling Champions aren’t made in the ring, they are recognized there.#stockshowlife I don’t think there is a truer statement. I think we need to hang this in our barn. 


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