Top Tweets of the Week XI

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Jacob Raper ‏@JacobRaper I hate having finals after a cattle show!!! Nobody had time to study!!!!#stockshowprob #SeniorProbs You mean your mom didn’t make you study on the tack box? We remember those days. Hope everyone’s finals went great and now you are enjoying Christmas Break!


Meaghan Berry ❤ ‏@megallenaYep just used Hocus Pocus to take blood from pulling pigs outta my jeans! No big deal #StockShowProb #stockshowlife Now that is one trick we have never heard of. Definitely going to have to try that out. 


Stockshow Darlin’ ‏@ShowinDarlin I spend more time on working my livestock’s hair, than mine. #StockshowKid Isn’t that the truth. We like the #stockshowkid hashtag


Miranda Zumbehl ‏@MOStockShowGirl #2012TaughtMe cattle shows just continue to get better!#StockshowLife

After being at the Kansas Beef Expo this past weekend we would definitely agree. Not only are the steer shows going to be tough, but watch out junior nationals!


Livestock ShowgirlLivestckShwgrl ‏@ Sweeping the aisle used to be the coolest job ever. #LivestockKid I remember those days. When I first started showing I wasn’t big enough to lift the water buckets. The older boys that were helping my family made a deal with me. If I swept the aisle and kept it clean they would help me water my heifer. 

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