More Appetite: Vita Charge Pig Protocol

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Vita Charge is a prebiotic product that contains Amaferm® along with essential vitamins, trace minerals, and macro minerals to support microbial health. It is an ideal product to be used anytime the animal’s digestive system is challenged or there is a desire to stimulate intake. This could be during feed or water changes, travel, farrowing or temperature changes. There are numerous ways to use Vita Charge however Sure Champ Swine Specialist, Jason Lackey, helped develop the Vita Charge Protocol for Pigs, guidelines on how to use Vita Charge depending on what stage of pigs you are working with.

Receiving Period

Administer 10 mL of Vita Charge® paste to pigs before hauling to ensure appetite will stay consistent upon arrival. As soon as pigs arrive at their new home, administer 10 mL of Vita Charge paste. Continue to administer Vita Charge paste daily until appetite becomes steady. Then, slowly introduce Sure Champ Pig pellets or meal. 

Three Days before a Show

For the three consecutive days before the show, give a 10 mL Vita Charge paste dose twice a day. If you are using a medicator, you can run Vita Charge Liquid Boost through your medicator. See Liquid Boost label for dosage based on weight.

At the Show

As soon as pigs are unloaded off the trailer, you are going to want to give a dose of Vita Charge. Depending on your administration preference, you can give Vita Charge Paste or Liquid Boost.

Off Feed

If you have a pig that has completely gone off feed, give two 10 mL doses of Vita Charge paste daily until appetite has returned.

High Stress Situations

If you are concerned about heat stress or you are beginning to push your pigs, give 10 mL of Vita Charge paste once a day until appetite improves or stressful situation is over.

Farrowing Crate

Give a daily dose of 10 mL of Vita Charge paste when gilts are in the crate. Once they farrow, continue daily doses or consider adding Sure Champ Pig to your sow ration.


To ensure that your newly weaned pigs stay on feed and water, administer Vita Charge Liquid Boost through a medicator. See Liquid Boost label for dosage based on weight.

Note: Remember that all Vita Charge products are designed to work with Sure Champ pellets. Using these products in conjunction will help create maximum results. 

For a printable version click here.

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To read the Vita Charge Protocol for Cattle click here.

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