How do I become a Sure Champ Dealer?

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This show season has truly proven that you can get to the backdrop faster with Sure Champ!

If you have a store that you would like to handle Sure Champ – or maybe you’re interested in helping us fill the gap – here’s what to do.

First things first – go to our webpage and click on the “Dealers” tab. This will bring up our Online Dealer Locator. After you enter your city and state, or zipcode, it will find a dealer that is close to your area.

Now what if there isn’t a dealer in your area?

If there isn’t a dealer in your area and you, or someone you know may be interested in becoming a dealer here are the easy steps to follow:

1. If you are are interested in learning more about the BioZyme, Inc. Dealer Network before diving into the “becoming a dealer process,” please contact our Dealer Support Coordinator, Kelli Fulkerson to receive more information. Her direct telephone number is (816) 344-5769 or she can be reached through email:

2. If you ready to sign up as a dealer visit our webpage and click on the “Dealers”. At the top of the page there will be a link that you need to click on. It looks like this:

3. From there a separate window will pop up, prompting you to give us some information about you and your connection to the livestock industry. Once this is completed the form will be sent to the Area Sales Manager that we have in your area or our Dealer Support Coordinator, Kelli Fulkerson.

4. They collaboratively work together to determine if a dealership opportunity would be a good idea in your desired area.

5. From there you will receive an approval letter, as well as an application form. After you have a chance to look this over and fill it out, it should then be returned to us.

6. When we receive your completed application, we then perform a credit reference check. When this is complete, you’re ready to become a dealer!

7. Once notified that the process is complete all we need from you is a first order of product to be placed and your name will then be listed to the Online Dealer Locator.

This process typically takes approximately a week

What does a good Dealer look like?

Dealers have the ability and resources to help all producers find the maximum level of profitability through their livestock’s performance.

The resources also need to include a way to unload up to 2,500 pounds of product from a semi-truck. The most economical way to ship our products is by pallet, our trucking partners allow us up-to 2,500 pounds per pallet. When the truck arrives to your dealership (feed store, on-farm or distribution center) there needs to be a way to unload this product. Sure, you could do this by hand but that is a lot of extra time and effort when you could have a piece a machinery to help in the process. We recommend a fort lift, skid steer, or fork truck.

Anyone can be a dealer, but a great dealer is someone that is willing to work with the producers in their area that are expecting the most out of their nutrition program.

What are the selling points for Dealers?

• We have one of the strongest marketing campaigns in the industry. In addition, we have a strong support at Junior shows and activities.

• Our products are created with the upmost quality and exceed producer’s expectations.

• Our product’s unlock the potential for any producer’s genetics by improving feed efficiency and lowering production cost.

• We offer proven studies and testimonials from the industry.

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