Fall Fashion with Sure Champ

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It’s that time of year again, the shorts and tank-tops are put into boxes & shoved away until the warm temperatures return and we start dusting off the jackets, sweatpants and comfy warm clothes. Fashion week has come and gone and the latest trends are starting to hit the store shelves and with that Sure Champ has added a few new things to their wardrobe lineup as well. New this fall we have exclusive Sure Champ sweatpants, tribal hoodies, and three-quarter zip up hoodies. In addition to our Sure Champ gear we have fashionable VitaFerm soft-shell jackets and vests. Before you walk out the front door to feed livestock or travel to your next show be sure to visit the Sure Champ website and order the latest Sure Champ gear!

Sure Champ Apparel

This is only a small preview of the growing clothing line at Sure Champ. Find coffe mugs, flash drives and much more on our website! You can also place orders directly over the phone by calling Jody Purvis at 816-344-5755.

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