Wearable and Warm Winter Fashion

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When hitting the winter stock shows it’s essential that your wardrobe keep you dry and toasty above all else. We’ve found some pieces that meet the function criteria while also being fun and fashionable.

The Bare Necessities

BOGS Rubber Boots
If you’ve been looking for a pair of waterproof warm boots – look no further! The BOGS brand will have something for your needs. We specifically like the pair below that incorporates the herringbone pattern.
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Ski Pants
Nope…not just for your trip to the slopes! Ski Pants offer insulation as well as a waterproof and easy-to-clean outer surface. They are a pricey piece as well so you might consider waiting until the off-season to purchase. Are you adventurous with your style? Grab a pair with some color!
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Layer It On


Any mom will tell you, ‘layer up!’ We couldn’t agree more; moms do know best. Grab some long underwear to put on your showmen before hitting the ring.
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Warm Wear Accessories

Ladies’/Girls’ Accessories
Stay warm and chic with some low cost accessories!

Slouchy Beanie
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Blanket Scarves
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Throw a fitted sweater over your collared show shirt and add the vest on top for the ultimate sophisticated and warm show day outfit!

Boys’/Men’s Accessories

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Want to look extra sharp in the show ring and also stay a little warmer? Grab an inexpensive vest to layer over your button down shirt.
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