With So Many Options…How do You Boost?

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Liquid Boost is quite possibly the most versatile product we’ve ever produced, as it is easy to administer for any situation. With all the same great benefits as the original Vita Charge® line, its liquid make up makes it a perfect show product for all species and also great in pig nurseries or show barns that have medicators.

How can you use Liquid Boost? See what others are doing.

If animals are eating aggressively, you can top-dress Liquid Boost during feeding time. It is highly palatable and works to stimulate appetite the same way all Vita Charge products do!

If your animals are off feed or if you prefer to give in water, mix directly in the water bucket so they consume it as they drink. It has been proven that most animals will drink in stressful environments even if they have gone off feed.

Mix Liquid Boost in water tubes for pigs at the show if you are keeping water in front of them at all times. A good tip is to bring water from home so it has the same taste they are accustom to drinking. This is a great way to keep them full and fresh while on the road. If you can’t bring water from home the berry flavor of Liquid Boost will help mask some of the foreign taste.

Sheep and goat exhibitors, this is what you’ve been waiting for! A drench that contains no copper making it safe for all species! Mix Liquid Boost in your water prior to drenching your animals. For our cattle customers, we still carry the Vita Charge Drench for cattle. Find out the differences in these two products here.

Medicators are a great tool that allow you to offer Liquid Boost to your baby pigs in the nursery and/or to your show pigs all day as they drink. Click here to read about the benefits of using a medicator with Liquid Boost.

Our customers are raving about Liquid Boost!! Thank you to all of those who have tried the product and who have taken the time to let us know how it is working.

“Consumption and intake are key to getting pigs started. Liquid Boost is the best thing we have used to increase both. Liquid Boost gives our pigs a bloom and edge that no product has before, especially in the first few days on chips.”
~Doug Albright, Albright Swine Farms

“For the past two years we have incorporated Sure Champ into our weaning ration for our goats. This year at weaning we also drenched with Vita Charge Liquid Boost. Our newly weaned goats went straight to the bunk.” – Kelsey Pfeiffer, Pfeiffer Farms

“When I first heard about Liquid Boost, I knew I had to try it since we had great success with Sure Champ and Vita Charge. Using Liquid Boost in times of stress has been a complete game changer for us. At weaning, the hogs take to feed and water that much quicker, which we all know, is very important in today’s show pig world. We also use it when moving groups into the chip barn, and again, that transition period seems to be shortened. We love Liquid Boost at Knauth Showpigs and highly recommend it. We will most definitely be using it in our barn in the future.”
~Kyle Knauth, Knauth Showpigs

Comment below with your Liquid Boost stories or email us at champ@biozymeinc.com

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