Ask a Nutritionist: Can I Use Sure Champ on Baby Lambs?

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Q: We have a one week old lamb that is having some troubles getting going. Can we use Sure Champ® on him? 

A: Sure Champ Sheep can be started at any time, but I’m afraid a young lamb will not eat enough to get the benefit of the Amaferm® found in Sure Champ. Instead, I would recommend using the Vita Charge® Paste. Vita Charge contains no added copper so it can be used in sheep, as well as pigs, goats and cattle. You can give your lamb the recommended 5 ml dose at any time. I would try twice a day for a couple of days, until he gets going. In addition to B vitamins and necessary minerals, Vita Charge also contains Amaferm, a prebiotic that will help promote a healthy rumen environment and get the lamb back on feed and growing. Also, Vita Charge will not interfere with any antibiotics that your vet may have recommended.

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4 thoughts on “Ask a Nutritionist: Can I Use Sure Champ on Baby Lambs?

  1. We have a few shorthorn cows that really lose weight when they have a calf at side…I am worried about getting them bred back in time. Is there anything that will help them get back in shape for breeding so they don’t move down on their typical calving date?

    1. It is important that cows with calves on their side have plenty of energy. Cows in early lactation can’t consume enough to maintain a positive energy balance in the first few weeks so it is hard to make up weigh or gain weight during lactation. This is why having cows in proper body condition is very important pre calving. Energy needs increase drastically after calving due to the drain on the cow for milk production for the calf. This also happens at a time when we are trying to prepare the cow for breeding. A cow that is deficient for energy is less likely to show good heats or get bred in a timely fashion. Amaferm will help with energy by allowing the cows to get more out of the feed they are already consuming. All our mineral products contain Amaferm, as well as our tubs and supplements. We would need to know what the cows are being fed currently to determine if the Amaferm advantage will be enough to provide for the additional needs post-calving. We have nutritionists here than can help develop a personalized diet depending on the forages and grains available. If you have additional questions please reach out.

  2. I have been looking at the info on your creep feeds I have a creep feed that I like to use that has Pre con in it if I want to add the sure champ to the mix is that possible

    1. April, thanks for your question. Yes, you can use Sure Champ in your creep feed wit Pre Con. Non only will Sure Champ provide additional vitamins and mineral, but the Amaferm will allow your animals to digest the entire ration more efficiently putting more weight and bloom on them. If you would like our nutritionists to take a look at your ration to ensure it is properly balanced use this link and fill out the Ask a Nutritionist Form.

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