Mark that Card: Market Hogs

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Yearling Brahman Heifers judging class header

Placing: 4-2-1-3 with cuts of 3-4-2

I’ll sort the market hogs 4-2-1-3 and in a challenging class, I’m still the most comfortable starting the 4 barrows extra width and product. The stout structured, heavy weight, blue barrow is the most opened up in his skeleton, he’s the boldest in his rib and this allows him to open up with the most terminal shape from blade to hip. What truly makes him my class winner is when I put him on the drive he is the up headed, attractive barrow who is set higher at the base of his tail.

Now like my class winner the belted barrow in second is stout out through his hip and stifle has lean shape over his 10th and he is fresher at the top of his neck and cleaner hocked. I’d personally like to raise him in his pin set and lengthen him out of his hip.

Still I stay committed to muscle in product in the middle pair and write them 2-1, driving at me 2 is more opened up is his chest, set out in his forearm and blade and just comes so much truer into the back of his shoulder. To me the barrow that’s more impressive in his shape going away should have the advantage in lean cut out value and total product.

Now I like 1’s shape out of his blade and he is fresh backed, but the white tailed, strait hocked barrow gets too flat in his rib for me and gives up product.

Bottom pair of barrows could both use more lean shape to maximize their endpoint value, but 1 is still the bigger chested stouter forearm barrow that has more turn and shape to his top and should have the advantage in cutabilty.

Now 3 is a good looking attractive barrow as he drives at a profile, but the frail boned light muscled blue barrow just needs more product.




Hog #1
Hog-1-Side-Web Hog-1-Rear-Web

Hog #2
Hog-2-Side-web Hog-2-Rear-web

Hog #3
Hog-3-Side-web Hog-3-Rear-web

Hog #4
Hog-4-Side-web Hog-4-Rear-web

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