Mark That Card: Market Steers

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Market Steers Official Results
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4-1-3-2 Cuts: 4-3-2

I like the Market Steers 4132.

The easiest thing to do in this class is to find the 4 steer and run him top. He’s a practical, powerful calf who best combines this with an attractive look on the profile. Not only is this a wide built, big-footed steer, bold and deep in his center body, wide pinned, and thick ended but he still is the longest, cleanest fronted calf who remains long and level from there back.

You are then left with a trio of steers but, I think the black calf follows the build of my class winner. Of the remaining three, he’s the biggest bodied, roundest ribbed option who is still wider built at the ground. He’s stouter in his pinset, and thicker and more expressive through the center portion of his quarter and stifle. He should rail a more shapely carcass.

That leaves you with a bottom pair of steers who offer some tradeoffs. I just sided with the bolder bodied, bigger footed yellow steer. On the front view, he’s the wider built, stouter forearmed steer and when he gets out and goes, he travels with a more correct set to his rear legs. The grey calf is certainly long bodied but, he gets flat in his fore-rib and rear flank.

Steer #1

1_side 1_front 1_rear 1_sideb


Steer #2

2_side 2_front 2_rear 2_sideb


Steer #3

3_side 3_front 3_rear 3_sideb


Steer #4

4_side 4_frong 4_rear 4_sideb



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