5 Ways to Maintain Appetite in Show Cattle

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A good appetite is a sign of a healthy animal, however stress, weather changes and a variety of other factors can quickly affect intake. For those customers in the southern states that are entering the last curve before county fairs and the Texas majors, now is the time to ensure appetite is maintained.

  1. Stay Consistent
    Cattle are creatures of habit. Be sure to keep your feeding routine on track morning and night. This same routine should be followed when at the show. Sure Champ® should be fed through the entire feeding phase from start to finish. If you begin using the product later in the feeding phase, keep in mind, like most supplements, you’ll need to give it 30 days to see the full effect.
  1. Provide Clean Water
    Water is the most important nutrient to livestock, and it is directly tied to feed intake. Livestock should have access to clean water at all times in order to maintain optimal health. This time of year, water temperature should also be monitored. If temperatures drop below freezing, watch for frozen waterers.
  1. Provide Roughage
    Cattle are ruminates and roughage plays an important role in keeping their digestive system healthy. Don’t limit forage, even towards the end of the feeding phase when you start to push your cattle.
  2. Manage Temperature Changes
    Temperature swings are stressful for all livestock. Ensure that your cattle have proper bedding and are protected from wind. If cattle are being brought inside during the day, be careful not to let your animals get too hot. Fans are useful for cooling air and managing body temperature. If you know that a big temperature shift is in the forecast, consider giving a dose of Vita Charge® to protect appetite through the stressful period.
  3. Give them a Boost
    By using Sure Champ as a daily top-dress, you can ensure that appetite and intake stay consistent. However, sometimes a poor appetite can be due to other unforeseen circumstances or stressors. This is when we recommend also incorporating Vita Charge into your feeding protocol. Vita Charge speeds recovery from stress and gives a boost in appetite. It can be easily administered as a paste, stress tub or even through your animal’s water with Vita Charge Liquid Boost®.

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