Top Sure Champ Posts of 2016

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Top Sure Champ Post of 2016

Another year has come to an end. In 2016 we covered everything from livestock judging classes to nutrition tips, how to videos and posts and stock show senior and wedding pictures. We’ve rounded up your favorite posts from 2016, and can’t wait to share more with you in 2017.

Here is our list of your favorite content from 2016:

  1. Mark that Card: Breeding Heifer Results
    Livestock judging classes were hugely popular in 2016. We now have a library of more than 20 livestock judging classes with results and reasons available for you to practice on.
  2. How to Rescue Your Sperrys
    It is no secret that Sperrys quickly get beat up in the barn. These tips will help you get your favorite stock show shoes shining again.
  3. Ask a Nutritionist: How to Formulate a Show Heifer Ration
    Did you know that you can submit nutrition questions and our team of nutritionists will help you on your quest to prep to win? This post was so popular that we decided to update it and give you a few new tips on feeding show heifers.
  4. Show Pig Skin Care: Light vs. Dark
    This is a great post that covers products that should and shouldn’t be used, as well as the best brush types for your pig’s skin. Be sure to take these tips into consideration as you get ready for your next pig show.
  5. How the VFD Affects Livestock Exhibitors
    2017 has arrived and that means the Veterinarian Feed Directive is now in effect. If you are using a medicated feed or adding certain medications to your feed, this is something that you definitely need to read about. Remember, a VFD is NOT needed for Sure Champ or Vita Charge products.
  6. Prep to Win Videos
    We were so excited to bring to you our cattle and pig Prep to Win video series this year. These videos are an awesome resource for beginners that are looking to learn more and/or improve their skills. Be sure to check out all the videos here.

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