Mark that Card: Prospect Heifers

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Prospect Heifer Livestock Judging Class

Thank you to Marcus Arnold, Butler Community College for providing the official placings and reasons for this class of prospect heifers. Thank you to M&M Livestock and Morgan Meisenheimer for providing the pictures. To view more livestock judging classes click here.

I like the prospect heifer calves 1-3-2-4. There’s a ton of quality in the two clearly more functional cattle, but 1’s look is where I like her to beat 3 up top. She’s so unique in the way she ties her neck the highest out of the topside of her shoulder and stays the neatest in her chest. From there back, the white flanked heifer reads longer and squarer out of her hip and plants the stoutest yet most attractive rear leg. Now that’s not to say there’s no discussion, three reads the boldest in her body shape, and she’s still pushed back further in the angle to her shoulder and knee. But, in a set that are all really good looking up front, she’s got a little extra throat and chest while reading a touch more general in the set to her hip and hind leg. So I’ll leave the broodiest heifer second.

Still, it’s the potential brood cow power that’s quick to sort the smokeys 3, 2 in the middle. I wouldn’t switch the pair, but there’s still a lot of value in two’s length of front and stoutness of hip. But she ties her muscle shorter and rounder. This, plus her tight forerib and coarse, straight hock detract from her maternal look. That’s why I like her a distant third.

Of the greener conditioned heifers in the bottom pair, I still like 2 to beat 4. There’s just more dimension in the stouter featured, more powerful heifer. The all black heifer is smoother in her tail head and loin and views as attractive fronted as any but it’s still hard to tie into her from the side because she reads the shallowest bodied especially relative to being a touch larger framed. So, I’ll leave the other coarse hocked heifer that’s the smallest footed fourth.

Cuts 2-5-2

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