Haul ‘Em Charge ‘Em

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You’ve worked so hard at home. You’ve practiced showmanship, been brushing hair like crazy, and now is the time to hit the road for the big show. Prepping to win takes a lot of planning, time and dedication, but all that hard work can come to a halt if your animal stops eating.

Stress is a major factor in causing digestive upsets and lack of appetite. Just think about how stress affects you. When you are stressed you don’t feel like eating or your tummy might be a little more rumbly than normal. The first step in preventing stress is knowing what causes it. It can be anything from a change in routine to the trailer ride, weather changes or a new environment and noises. Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to ensure your livestock never miss a beat when you are on the road.

  1. Be proactive, instead of reactive. If you know your livestock could be entering a stressful situation take measures to safe guard their digestive system and appetite. We recommend using a Vita Charge® product three days before travel to give the digestive system a boost. Vita Charge contains the prebiotic Amaferm® and elevated levels of B-vitamins. Amaferm is research-proven to combat stress by supporting the animal’s own immune system, significantly increasing intake and nutrient utilization.
  2. Supply an Abundance of Fresh Water. Water intake is directly related to feed intake. While traveling and at the show ensure that there are adequate opportunities for your livestock to have a drink. The taste or smell of a new water source can throw you animal off. Vita Charge Liquid Boost® contains a berry flavor that will help mask the taste and odor of water, and stimulate the digestive system.
  3. Keep ‘em going. Once at the show we recommend daily doses of Vita Charge to continue to protect your animal’s digestive system. Remember, some shows do not allow drenches or even paste to be used. Check your rules, and remember that Liquid Boost in a water bucket is always a great option.day.

These three simple steps are an easy way to prep to win. Start making a plan now, and you and your livestock will be ready to go come show

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