2017 Livestock Judging Camps

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Livestock judging camps are a great way to practice your livestock evaluation skills and reasons during the summer by learning from some of the best collegiate livestock teams and industry professionals in the nation. Here is a list of judging camps at various universities and junior colleges throughout the summer, as well as links for more information and registration forms:

Oklahoma State University

Texas Tech

Kansas State University

Texas A&M University

Blinn College

  • Livestock Judging Camp: June 24-26, 2017 or June 28-30, 2017
  • Livestock Judging Camp Contact: Brice Mund (979) 224-4423 or Joe Rathmann (512) 988-0084

Northeastern Oklahoma (NEO) College

Connors State College

  • Livestock Judging Camp: July 6-8, 2017
  • Livestock Judging Camp contact: Nolan Hildebrand (805) 748-3828 or nolanrh@okstate.edu

South Dakota State University

Casper College

Redlands Community College

  • Livestock Judging Camp: Check Back Soon for Dates
  • Livestock Judging Camp Contact: Brandon Callis, Brandon.Callis@redlandscc.edu or (405) 422-1404

University of Nebraska Lincoln

  • Livestock Judging Camp: June 6-8, 2017 or June 12-14, 2017
  • Livestock Judging Camp Contact: Brad Bennett (402) 472-8834 or bbennett8@unl.edu

Mississippi State University

Eastern Oklahoma State College

  • Beginners Camp: June 13, 2017
  • Livestock Judging Camp: June 14-16, 2017
  • Livestock Judging Camp Contact: Jade Jenkins (660) 988-0515

University of Wyoming

  • Livestock Judging Camp: June 5-7, 2017
  • Livestock Judging Camp Contact: Caleb Boardman (307) 766-2159, (307) 250-2298 or caleb.boardman@uwyo.edu

Virginia Tech

  • Livestock Judging Camp: May 13, 2017 or July 17-19, 2017
  • Livestock Judging Camp Contact: Dr. Bain Wilson (540) 231-5253

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