Mark That Card: Club Lamb Ewes Results

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Placing: 2-4-1-3
Cuts: 5-2-4

2413. To me it only makes sense to start the most massive female that’s still attractive on the profile while still putting it on a functional foundation. I like that she’s refined about her head neck, and chest then transitions into a round and maternal center, and then plants the most attractive hip and hind leg. Now 4 is an immediate source of power and broodiness, as she works extra mass up high and from behind. But relative to my winner she’s more mature about her front end and she has a little extra set to her hock. 

In a close middle decision, of two different type of females, 4s just the more moderate, wider constructed female who has the advantage in ribshape, width and dimension. Now sure, 1 ties a thin, feminine neck high out of the top side of her shoulder and plants a more attractive hip and hind leg. But I’ll leave the frailer featured female who’s deeper chested and un-level  in her top-line 3rd.  

But the bottom is simple, she’s just softer and more dimensional through her center, giving her a more maternal look from the side. Now sure 3 is level topped and Big statured, but when it comes with a flat rib and narrow build, I see her holding little value for progression. She’s 4th

Rank these ewes as you would select them as use in a club lamb operation. The primary focus is marketing project for 4h and FFA exhibitors across the country. Top end of females will be kept as replacements

Thank you to the National Champion 4-H Livestock Judging Team from Caldwell County for providing our scenario, placings and reasons for this class. 

Caldwell County 4-H Livestock Judging Team members: Trey Von Dohlen, Mckade Krenz, Cahil Murchinson, and Kyle Galupp.
Coaches: HC Neel and Brett Moriarty

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