Mark That Card: Red Angus Heifers

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Thank you to Taylor Frank, Butler Community College Livestock Judging Team Coach, for providing the officials.

Placing: 1-4-3-2
Cuts: 5-3-3

I like the Red Angus heifers 1-4-3-2. The most problem-free 1 heifer was the easy place to start- and it’s at the ground where she reads truly unique. It’s rare to find a Red Angus that can match her bone and foot size while remaining as correct as her in terms of joints and angles. Still, she couples the most functional and correct structure with added substance, body and a great look of balance from the side. Don’t get me wrong, the longest bodied 4 heifer is impressive when it comes to rib shape and dimension, but it comes with the territory of a coarser look. That’s where I like the heifer that is shorter necked and straighter shouldered second.

The middle pair of cattle are completely different. I favor 4 over 3 as she clearly has the edge when it comes to upper body shape, power and mass. But from the side, there’s a lot to like in 3. She’s more feminine in the shape of her head, neck and shoulder while offering a deeper bodied look. But keep working back and the slicker haired heifer reads even more excessive in the set to her hock and flattens up more from behind.

Nevertheless, I’ll still side with her upper hand in functionality to beat 2 in a bottom pair of attractive fronted cattle. The higher performing, darker red heifer is not only more correct in her shoulder angle but also more maternal in her body type. Yet, there’s future in the up headed, extended and good looking 2 heifer. It’s just that today she stands out as the shallowest and greenest bodied and is still a touch upright in her angles.

Thank you.

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