4 Tips to Prep for NWSS

Photo Credit: National Western Stock Show

Fall show season is in full swing, and that means that we’ll be ringing in 2016 in no time. To kick it all of is the grand daddy of them all – the National Western Stock Show (NWSS). If you are exhibiting livestock in Denver this year, be sure to check out these tips to help you get prepared.

Develop a Health Plan with Your Vet
Livestock shows are stressful on your animals. In addition to the commingling of livestock from all over the country, the extreme temperatures and higher altitude can quickly lead to sickness. Now is the time to talk to your vet about what vaccinations should be given prior to the show and traveling to boost immunity, and what treatments you should have on hand while at the show. Also, you’ll want to have some Vita Charge® on hand to boost appetite and promote digestive health, which is essential to overall health. And, don’t forget to stop by the pharmacy yourself so you can try to get ahead of “The Denver Crud.”

Make Sure All of Your Paperwork is in Order
This is something that you will want to also discuss with your vet. NWSS has identification requirements for each species. In addition, several vaccinations and herd health tests may also be required. Ringworm can be a problem this time of year, and livestock with ringworm may not be permitted entry to the grounds. To ensure you are in compliance read through all the rules and health regulations well in advance.

Stay Warm
It is no secret that it can be COLD in Denver during the stock show. Start stocking up now on hand warmers, long underwear, headwear and coats. Also, consider how you are going to keep your small livestock friends warm. This DIY trailer heater is perfect to have on hand while you are waiting in line to unload.

Pack the Crock Pot
The show week can be long at NWSS and food can add significant expense. Start to think about how you are going to feed your family and crew. Check out these two recipes from NWSS veterans, Paula Acheson and Shelia Jensen, so that your livestock aren’t the only ones well fed!

Marketing Materials
Going to shows like the NWSS is a big investment, and you’ll want to make sure you put your best foot forward. Start contacting livestock marketing agencies NOW to get your stall cards, banners and brochures booked. Also, think about what marketing items you might want to give away. You’ll have to stop by our tent in The Yards to see what we have up our sleeves this year.



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