Ask a Nutritionist: If I am using the Vita Charge Stress Tub do I still need to feed Sure Champ

Recently we had a customer write in wondering if they still needed to be top dressing with Sure Champ is they were using the Vita Charge Stress Tub with MOS. Our nutritionist Kevin Glaubius answer their question.

The answer is yes, as these two products have two difference purposes. Sure Champ has long standing use as a protein, vitamin, mineral supplement with the Amaferm advantage and is the basis for many successful feeding programs across the country. Sure Champ gives more bloom, helps cattle utilize their feed more efficiently, and stimulates appetite. When it comes to Vita Charge showmen have historically found that show cattle have benefited even further from utilizing Vita Charge in addition to Sure Champ.

The Vita Charge Stress Tub is a more convenient way to deliver a daily dose of Vita Charge when compared to a paste, drench, or bolus to give them that extra edge in animal performance. Also, the Vita Charge Stress Tub contains Bio-Mos. This MOS is like a sponge that sits in the digestive system and attracts negative bacteria that can make your cattle sick. The MOS then traps that bacteria and expels it out the back end thus keeping your animal healthy. Adding Vita Charge to your feeding regimen is especially important during times of stress like weaning, summer heat or traveling to shows. Both Sure Champ and Vita Charge do contain the Amaferm advantage but due to the response curve with Amaferm my expectation is added performance when the two products are fed together in a feeding program.

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