Ask a Nutritionist: Sure Champ in Goat Creep Feed

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This question comes from Rochelle Gates. Rochelle feeds a variety of ages of goats (anywhere form 6 months to 9 years old) together by using a creep feed mixture. They would like to be able to mix Sure Champ directly into their creep feed instead of top-dressing with it, and are curious to know how much Sure Champ should be added.

Susan Day one of our on staff nutritionists was able to answer this question.

I think you would be OK with 30% of your mixture being Sure Champ Goat. I assumed that kids on the low end would eat around 0.7 lbs. of grain, and lactating does on the high end would eat 2 lbs. of grain. At 30% that would give you 3.4-8.4 oz of Sure Champ Goat. Our recommendation is 4-8 oz. so we are in that range (as close as we can be for this wide of a range of animals). I would be happy to put this into a creep feed if you can get the ingredients that you have available to me. Otherwise you can formulate it in knowing that Sure Champ Goat is a 24% crude protein pellet with 3.5% fat. The assumptions I used for intakes are below if you are interested.

Dry matter intake:
Kids:  2.2-3.3 lb.  (44-110 lb. bodyweight)
1st lactation does:  4-6 lbs.
Gestation-1st lactation does:  3-4 lbs.
Buck-maintenance:  2.5-3.5 lbs.
2+ lactation does:  4.7-8 lbs.
Gestation-mature does:  3.5-5.5 lbs.
I assumed approximately 25% of the DMI was grain intake.


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3 thoughts on “Ask a Nutritionist: Sure Champ in Goat Creep Feed

  1. Thank you so much for the help and advice.
    We are looking forward to getting Sure Champ – Goat incorporated into the feed in the next batch.
    Working with Susan has been very helpful and we appreciate it.
    Sure Champ helps keep our herd healthy and we believe in this effective and quality product.
    Thank you again,
    Rochelle Gates

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