Ask A Nutritionist: What do I do if my steer won’t eat

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Our next Ask the Nutritionist question comes from Jamie. Jamie has a steer that was recently purchased, and will only eat once a day or sometimes only every other day. How can we get this steer to eat twice a day consistently? Jamie has a couple steers together in the pen, and the other steers are eating fine.

Here is what our nutritionist Kevin Glaubius recommended:

Since your calves are in a group and the others aren’t exhibiting the same appetite loss/finicky eating symptoms we would recommend Vita Charge Gel. You will want to administer 15-30 ml of Vita Charge gel for at least three days, and then you should see improvements in appetite.

Also, I would implement 1 lb. of Sure Champ (per animal) into your daily feeding program. This will help those animals stay on feed more consistently. We need to get the rumen working and the Vita Charge/Sure Champ combination should be just what you need. It is possible he is just eating too much hay if he has access free choice and if all calves were off feed I would check for anything unusual about the water and grain mix such as molds or unpalatable ingredients.

You can also use Vita Charge as that extra insurance policy right before you travel to a show to ensure that all your steers stay on feed consistently during that stressful time.

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