Be Prepared for Fall Weaning

Fall is right around the corner and along with cooler evening temperatures this time of the year means weaning and shipping for many people. The first 30-45 days after a calf is weaned is perhaps the most stressful period of its life. Good performance and health during this time can set the stage for an efficient and profitable feedout, or a long and productive life in the cow herd. On the other hand, most of the sickness and death loss due to respiratory disease happens at this time. In addition to respiratory disease, digestive upsets that occur here may show up as founder, liver abscesses and other side effects later on. Cattle that are fed too conservatively at this stage may pass up the most potentially efficient period of their life and add extra days on feed, and cost of gain. A few simple considerations will help ease this transition.


At BioZyme we offer a variety of products that can help ease the weaning transition, but one of the most convenient and popular products is to throw a Vita Charge Stress Tub in the pen. The Vita Charge Stress Tubs are a great way for animals to get their daily dose of Amaferm; the leading ingredient in all of BioZyme’s products. Amaferm is a research proven rumen stimulator that ignites appetite. You’ll see your livestock utilizing rations more efficiently and appetites steadier especially during stressful situations such as feed and water changes and weaning.

In addition to Amaferm, the Stress Tub contains Bio-Mos, which is a unique product that traps the bad bacteria in the digestive tract, and then expels it outside of the back end. This ensures that feed intake stays consistent and keeps digestive upsets at bay. Amaferm and Bio-Mos coupled with the nutritional punch of organic trace minerals help ensure that your animal is healthy on the inside for increased immunity during this stressful period.

With record calf prices and the market holding steady, keeping calves healthy during weaning and before and after shipping is going to be worth more this year than in any other year. If you would like to learn more about the Vita Charge Stress Tubs be sure to contact your Area Sales Manager or click here to find a dealer near you.

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