Brain Power: Getting in the Zone

Between school, practices, the barn and family and friends, it can feel like you have more to do than time to get it done. With all of these things taking up space in your brain, it can sometimes be hard to get in the zone. Use these five tips to stay focused and get important tasks completed like all that homework your English teacher assigned during the weekend of your next show!

Step 1- Clear Your Mind
A full brain can be a foggy brain, which makes it difficult to get things done. Before you tackle your list, take a moment to go outside and clear your mind. Taking a walk in the barn to smell the fresh air and feel the sun on your face can help clear your mind and get it prepared.

Step 2- Find the Right Place
Location can be one of the most important factors in getting focused. A comfortable place away from distractions will help you focus your thoughts on your tasks. Without fidgeting from physical discomfort, you can relax and take care of business. Don’t get too comfy though – you don’t want to fall asleep!

Step 3- Create a Gadget Free Zone
Once you find your place, make it a gadget free zone so you can get down to business. Multi-tasking can be great but not when you need to focus. Place the texts, Snapchats and Instagram feed on hold so you can complete your task in a shorter amount of time. Sometimes it can even mean leaving your phone in a whole other room. StayFocused and Cold Turkey are apps that literally block you from getting onto certain social media sites during specific periods of time.

Step 4- Make a To-Do List
Now that you are ready to get busy, take a minute to organize your tasks into two different to-do lists. Make one with all the things you must have done for that day and another with all of the random tasks that pop into your mind. The second one may have things you have to do later this week or that are less important. Stock Show Boutique has lots of cool #stockshowlife inspired notepads to write that to-do list on.

Step 5- Do Creative/Hard Work First
Review your must do list, and pick the hardest task to tackle first. This task should require the most thought, concentration and creativity. Your mind becomes more tired with every decision you have to make. By starting with the hardest first, you will be able to put in your best focus to get it done.

Now you can own the day and your tasks by getting in the zone fast. To-do lists will tremble with your new ability to take them down!


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