Dealer Spotlight: Red Rock Feeds

BioZyme, Inc., has many successful dealers across the United States. One of our new and successful dealers is Red Rock Feeds located in Wibaux, Mont.

During a recent interview with co-owner Hilda Bumgarner, we learned a little bit more about the business.


Red Rock Feeds is a family owned and operated dealership, by Jim and Hilda Bumgarner. Hilda grew up in Idaho on a feedlot and cow calf operation, while Jim grew up in North Dakota working in his family’s grocery store, attended college and began working on a ranch full-time. Nearly 30 years ago Jim moved to Montana and began a ranch of his own.

In 2012, they traveled to the Black Hills Stock Show (BHSS) in Rapid City, S.D., on a mission to find a mineral product that would work on their ranch. They required a product that would provide excellent nutrition at a cost effective rate.

Why did you decide to become a dealer with BioZyme Inc.?

We have been in the beef business for more then 30 years, and could never really find that one product that did what the manufactures said it would, but VitaFerm did. When we went to the BHSS we had high expectations to find a product that truly worked. We passed the Biozyme Inc., and collected valuable information from Area Sales Manager (ASM), Dorothy Orts, and Business Development Manager, Dennis Delaney.

Once we started feeding VitaFerm® about 18 months ago, we have seen several major changes; great milk, vigorous calves and awesome breed back, in poor if not some of the worst conditions we have seen in years. We also have seen increased body condition scores on poor quality hay and forage savings.

These significant profit changes made us want to share our success story with fellow livestock producers, to help them increase their level of profitability.

What BioZyme products do you sell?

We started out with our main focus on cattle, selling VitaFerm® Concept•Aid products. As our business has grown we have expanded to include a full line of products for cattle; breeding, lactating, improved semen quality, show cattle and calves. Also horses, sheep, pigs, goats and even your favorite dog. We are working to include the dairy market this year.

What would be your advice to potential dealers?

We knew the products worked, but we had no idea that our business would take off as fast as it has. People want proven products and BioZyme offers just that. Be prepared to spend time with your customers and listen to all of their questions and concerns.

What recent success have you had?

This product is not new to BioZyme however, it is new to our ranch. BioZyme’s Director of Technical Support, Kevin Glaubius, shared with us that we could put our weaned bull calves on Sure Champ® Cattle. For us this was a no-brainer, we now could feed a pound a day per animal, rather then a half a pound a day like we had previously been doing with Concept•Aid.

The results that we have seen are outstanding! After weaning one week later they were introduced to choice alfalfa and only being on VitaFerm® products they have had no gut problems or sickness ever through our unusual weather patterns.

The bulls were only on the Sure Champ® Cattle product for 60-days, and they increase their average daily gain to 2.5-3 lb., per day. When we took them to the local veterinarian he was astonished at the high sperm counts and scrotal circumference measurements. This product is exactly what commercial and seedstock bull producers should be using.

How are BioZyme products helping you currently during breeding season?

Exceptionally! We have seen majority of our herd move up in breeding cycles, allowing our calving pasture an opportunity to recover before we began breeding. This is something we never even anticipated, but it helped increase our overall profitability.

In addition, this will create a healthier more uniform draft of calves weighting possibly 50lb., heavier at market, all thanks to the benefits of Concept•Aid

If you are interested in becoming a dealer please visit, or contact Dealer Support Coordinator, Kelli Fulkerson at (816)344-5769 or

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