How do I Become a Sure Champ Dealer?

Hello Livestock Enthusiasts,

While on the road, people are always asking “How do I become a dealer?” We hope to answer a few simple questions.

Elishia Carrillo, Customer Service Director at BioZyme Inc helped explain the process.

Where the magic happens --- Elishia in her office in St. Joseph

What are the steps?

1.Visit our webpage and go to the dealer page. There is a button at the bottom of the page that you need to click. It looks like this:

2. The information you enter will be sent to the Area Sales Manager (ASM) or Elishia herself.
3. They then work with you to determine if it is a good fit.
4. Once approved, you’ll be sent a dealer application. Get that filled out and sent back to us.
5. Finally, after you go through a credit and reference check, you’re ready to be a dealer!

*Elishia said that the process typically takes 2-4 weeks.

Who makes a good dealer?

Dealers who are willing to work with progressive producers – those looking for more out of their nutrition program.

Have the ability to help producers find profitability through animal performance.

What are the best selling points for Sure Champ?

  • We have a strong marketing campaign and support for junior activities.
  • We produce quality products that exceed producer’s expectations.
  • Our product can unlock the potential of the producer’s genetics.
  • Sure Champ improves feed efficiency and lowers production costs.
  • Sure Champ is good for the animal and good for the customer’s bottom line!


Hope that helps!

P.S. – If you don’t have a dealer near you, you can always buy Sure Champ where ever we have a booth this summer. Click here to see our schedule.

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