Mark that Card: Market Gilt Class Results


Market Gilts Official Results
Provided by, Brice Mund, Blinn Community College
1-2-3-4   Cuts: 3-5-3

I like the market hogs 1234. Quickly finding a top pair of carcass driven gilts to sort up it was 1’s ability to combine her terminal value with a productive look and functional skeleton that allowed her to win.

Not only is she set back more comfortably in her blade and knee while hinging looser out of hip and hind leg, but she’s bolder in her forerib and center body.

Now, the belted gilt may be the taller fronted, stouter featured hog  who’s expressive and for some that could be enough to switch the pair but for me she’s pushed forward in her shoulder, flattens to the base of her rib and cuts up in her flank so I left her a close 2nd.

With this aside, skeletal width and muscle quickly sort the middle 2/3. To be simple the heavier weight gilt is built wider from the ground up and works more shape from her blade back. I’ll agree the tri colored gilt may have the class advantage in soundness but comparatively she’s the narrower, frailer constructed gilt who falls short in terms of rib and muscle so she’s a distant 3rd.

Yet, her build and balance keep her over 4 in a challenging bottom decision. As the nicer designed gilt is more correct in the set to her blade and hock, and more flexible on the drive. The black gilt is more pulled apart at her base and blade and creases more shape up high, but she’s still the shallowest through her rib and flank,  and the gilt who’s the straightest off either end struggles the most on the drive  so she’s 4th.


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