Sure Champ Climate Control: Heat Control Paste

Heat stress is a concern of all serious showman in their quest to #preptowin. Whether your set-up at home is a simple set of fans, a mister system or a cooler room, it doesn’t take long for livestock to feel the impact of heat stress when they are removed from the comforts of a temperature-controlled environment. Sure Champ Climate Control Paste (transitioned to Vita Charge® Climate Control Gel July 2019) helps all show livestock handle heat stress by lowering the animal’s body temperature in a safe, fast and natural way.

Cody Jensen, BioZyme® Quality Assurance Production Efficiency Coordinator, introduced the idea of a paste that could help livestock deal with heat stress and began testing the product at state fairs last year. Customers quickly noticed a reduction in symptoms associated with heat stress such as shrink, panting and discomfort. Dustin and Jamie Glover, Oklahoma, witnessed this response from their Tulsa State Fair Champion Prospect Steer.

“We feel the Sure Champ Climate Control product not only helped our son’s prospect steer, Yogi’s body temperature, but it also helped keep him more relaxed while fitting and showing him,” says Dustin Glover. “We feel this is a product we must have as we fight heat during the spring and early fall.”

Spring, summer and early fall seem like a natural time to use a product like Climate Control. However, barns can get hot even during the winter months creating a heat stress situation. Livestock are in heavier condition than normal; poor air circulation in barns, thicker hair coats and a lack of time spent outside can cause livestock to heat up quickly. Tyler Cates, Indiana, has been a long time Sure Champ and Vita Charge® user, but felt the addition of Climate Control gave his cattle an even better outcome.

“We were given a sample of Climate Control before the National Western Stock Show and had great results. We used it on our two big heifers because we knew it was going to be warmer than what they were accustomed to at home,” Cates said. “We were already using Vita Charge paste regularly before and at a show. Nonetheless, when we fused the two products the cattle seemed to stay comfortable in the stuffy barn and filled up perfectly on show day. One heifer won her division and the other was the Grand Champion Female for David Smith. I also used it on a bull calf that always stayed pretty empty at shows. He filled up the best he ever had and ended up being Reserve Grand Champion Bull. I will use this product again and again. I am anxious to see how it works in the summer shows especially.”

For optimal results Climate Control should be used five days prior to leaving for a show, and then daily while at the show. Climate Control’s key ingredient, XTRACT 7065, is a unique blend of clove, cinnamon and chili peppers (Capsaicin) to help maintain circulation to support animal performance in heat stress situations. In addition, Amaferm®, the natural prebiotic found in all BioZyme products, is research proven to lower body temperature. To help your livestock through heat stress, pick up a tube of Climate Control from your local BioZyme dealer or purchase online here.

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