Sure Champ Top Tweets of the Week IX

Who made us laugh and smile this week?

Jacob Wolfrey ‏@JacobWOLFrey: I’m gonna invent a conveyer belt to get calves to the wash rack. #tiredofpullingonoldroughhalters Amen. It’s time to start all over again. I always forget how long it takes to get them to lead well.

Cody Lamle ‏@Cody_Lamle People look at us weird when you see 20 vans lined up and going everywhere together guess its just an nbs thing #pilgrimage #judgingthestock It is that time of year again. Good luck to all the livestock judging teams this fall. To keep track of all the results check out’s Collegiate Ranking.

brooke jensen ‏@brookerjensen live it, love it, lead it. One of our favorite sayings. We may of even put it on a couple thousands T-shirts this summer.

Sierra Day ‏@goinshowin21 The exciting moment when you’re told your new heifer is coming in a few days! #yay #showheifer #stockshowlife #showcattle That is something to be excited about. Better get those new heifers on Sure Champ!

Bailee Ott ‏@Farmgirlbailee A fair without agriculture is just another carnival! #StockShowLife We already retweeted this tweet this week but we had to share again.

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