Sure Champ Tweets of the Week

If you can’t be in the barn or go to the show the next best thing is following along with all our Twitter friends. Once again we recognize our favorite tweets of the week.

You can tell that NWSS mail started arriving today. 

Sam Smoot: @sam_smoot Watch out got drawn for Denver! Going to be legit! #stockshowlife @QDieckmann @seth_smoot @a_irvin10 

Seth Smoot: @seth_smoot Look out Denver and @nwsslivestock just got our swine drawings in the mail!! #stockshowlife Good luck boys! We’ve had fun watching your wins this spring, and appreciate your support of the Sure Champ product. For those of you that didn’t know the Smoot family had Reserve Champion Chester at the Indiana State Fair. 

DRIVE Magazine: @drivelivestock #stockshowlife trend is on the rise…. Thanks for playing along; YOU make it that much cooler! It is one of our favorite hashtags to follow! 

Cattle Chick: @cattlechick2013 That ‘oh my feet feel amazing’ moment when you finally sit down after arriving at 5 and working/showing until then. #stockshowlife We still haven’t figured out why they don’t get up foot massagers at livestock shows. 

Evie Gates: @EvieG1 Who is the smart one that invented dyed green pine shavings??? #IowaStateFair #stockshowlife #stockshowprob @StockShowLife1 They look pretty, but the stain are a pain to get out. I find if you pour straight Tide onto the stain and let it soak for a couple hours it helps get them out. 

Jodryn Wagner: @JWags10 When hard work pays off #angus #stockshowlife #wagnergirls #greatday It is an awesome feeling. We loved seeing you girls at Junior Nationals. Congrats on your success at the Montana State Fair. Did you know that we also had the Reserve Champion Market Lamb and Market Hog.

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