The Benefits of Using a Medicator with Liquid Boost

By Jason Lackey, Lackey Livestock

Without question, one of the most commonly asked questions I receive throughout the year is, “What medication(s) can I give to prevent my pigs from getting sick?” Obviously, there is protocol upon arrival that can aide in a healthier project throughout the feeding phase. However, since I’ve begun recommending my feeders place medicators in their barns, questions about sickness, appetite loss and growth problems have all together subsided substantially.

For those who don’t know, medicators are a “reliable, easy way to medicate your livestock drinking water accurately and with minimal maintenance.” These small water-powered systems withdraw a set amount of solution (nutritional supplements, antibiotics, vitamins, electrolytes, etc.) and inject it into the water lines in your barn. This allows pigs to drink the solution over an extended period of time.

While Vita Charge® Liquid Boost® can be administered a number of ways, it was created with medicators in mind. The response that we’ve received from customers regarding response rate and the increased appetite Vita Charge provides has been unbelievable. We love seeing and hearing what Vita Charge does for livestock projects in allowing them to both stay on and get back on feed quickly. Therefore, people who are running Liquid Boost through their medicators are excited about being able to administer Vita Charge in a very simple, consistent way. The application via a medicator is very easy to use. All you do is take the hose that draws the solution and place it directly into the 2.5 gallon jug of Liquid Boost and the medicator will do the rest.

The Dosatron brand is one of the most popular in barns across the country, and a brand we recommend. More information about these systems, including installation guides, can be found here. For help on understanding which make and model is best for your specific scenario, we encourage you to contact a representative from the brand you are considering for the most accurate advice. If interested in purchasing one of these systems for your barn, click here for several options that could work for you.

If you’re looking to boost your feeding program and need an easy way to keep your pigs healthy and on feed, consider using a medicator + Liquid Boost in your barn. We recommend Liquid Boost for showpig programs at all stages of life, especially receiving and baby pigs in nurseries.

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