Top 5 Tweets of the Week 1

Happy Friday!

Who’s ready for the weekend?! We certainly are – currently we’re on our way to Lima, Ohio for the Chi & Maine Junior Nationals. Click here to see the rest of our stops on the Sure Champ Tour.

This summer, we’re going to be posting our Top 5 Tweets of the Week every Friday. We love reading the inspirational, entertaining and intelligent things you all have to say on Twitter. Make sure you follow us at @SureChamp and don’t forget to include #stockshowlife in your tweets.

Here are this week’s favorites:

Caleb Streitmatter, IN: @calebstreit There no greater feeling than winning a livestock show! #ShowCattleProbs

Jenna Brower, OK: @JBSC1 The feelings I get the day before flush day remind me a lot of Christmas eve! Bring on the embryos!! #cattle #EATBEEF

Stockshow Confidential: @WatchStockshow The Stockshow Confidential #WiLdSiDe! Don’t tell Terry we escaped the barns for this photo shoot! -L&R #stockshowlife

Breanna Lawyer, IN: @BLawyer08 Glad to be apart of an industry that not only builds connections on a career level, but also adds a family outside your own #StockShowLife

Banner Chasing: @bannerchasing Every banner chaser needs two pairs of shoes; Sperry’s and square toes

Keep checking back you could be featured in next weeks Top 5.

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