Top SC Dealer: Luther Mill & Farm Supply

Sure Champ has many loyal, successful dealers across the U.S. One of our top dealers in terms of sales is Luther Mill & Farm Supply located in Luther, OK.

In an interview with Alan Easley, Luther Mill and Farm Supply, we found out a little more about their company.

Earl Stamper bought the property in 1965. It had been a cotton gin so he remodeled, added on and opened a feed mill. Earl owned and ran the mill for 15 years, before selling the mill to his son in law Danny Roy, in 1980.Danny grew the business, remodeled, and added bins to make it a more productive business. During that time Danny worked with VitaFerm Area Sales Manager Billy Van Kidney on a show ration that would include Sure Champ pellets. Danny had great success with the ration and Luther Mill and Farm Supply has stuff with the formula ever since. Danny owned and ran the mill for 28 years.

In 2008, Danny sold the mill to his youngest son Grant. Grant has continued to grow the business and has added a second feed line for mixing and bagging show feed. Luther Mill and Farm Supply has continued to grow and succeed in the show feed business with the help of VitaFerm.

What do you think sets Sure Champ apart from other supplements?
What I think sets Sure Champ apart from other supplements is the Amaferm. We have consistently seen calves get on feed faster, stay on feed during times of stress and maintain a strong appetite while on our feed that has Sure Champ pellets in the ration. I believe it greatly benefits the cow/calves general health and well being.

What other BioZyme products do you sell?
As a VitaFerm dealer we can order any of the products offered. Currently we stock Sure Champ pellets and a whole line of free choice minerals for cattle, horses and goats. These range from general pasture mineral to high mag wheat pasture mineral to mineral designed and formulated to aid in conception rates.

What is your largest Sure Champ customer basis?
My largest Sure Champ customer basis is show cattle. With the addition of Sure Champ pellets to our show feed, it has been a steady selling item for a long time. We cover the majority of Oklahoma and even have customers come from Texas, Arkansas, Missouri and Kansas.

What is your advice for potential Sure Champ dealers?
My advice for potential dealers would be to stock as wide a variety of products they can, but be sure to definitely keep the Sure Champ pellet. It has been a huge seller for us as well as a great addition to our show feed line.

What recent success have your Sure Champ customers had?
I talk to people all the time that share their stories about the success they have had. Weather it be a local FFA show or some larger venue, there are so many it is hard to pick one. Two success stories do stand out though. One of our Luther FFA members steer won the 2011 Oklahoma Youth Expo Grand Champion and sold for over $50,000. The other story that comes to mind is a Wellston FFA member whose animal won the 2011 Tulsa State Fair Reserve Breed Champion.

If you were to tell a customer one thing about Sure Champ, what would it be? 
I really believe that Amaferm, the secret ingredient in Sure Champ, helps cattle get on feed, stay on feed in times of stress, have stronger appetites and boost their digestion of the available forage. It helps in the animals overall health and well being and gives the animal a better, healthier appearance.

If you live near Luther Mill & Farm Supply feel free to stop by to talk to Alan and his staff!

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