Tips for FFA Members on Breaking in their Blue Jacket

Wearing a crisp, blue corduroy jacket is a sign of membership for an FFA member. In some chapters, eager Greenhand members must earn the right to order their first FFA jacket, a sign that they belong to the nation’s largest youth agriculture organization. Maybe the young person saved money to pay for it themselves. Perhaps their FFA chapter has a jacket fund to assist with the cost. And quite possibly mom, dad or grandpa will shell out the bucks to help the Greenhand pay for his or her first jacket. No matter how the jacket is purchased, being in FFA ...Read More

10 Things I Learned as a Sure Champ Intern

1. BioZyme is the company, Sure Champ is a product. A common misconception that we ran into was people calling us the Sure Champ interns. We work with brand lines of Sure Champ, Vita Charge, Vitalize and VitaFerm and all of those are under the supplement division of BioZyme Inc the company! 2. Don’t break your foot the beginning of the summer. At the beginning of the summer right before World Pork Expo, I broke my foot and had to wear a boot for a few weeks. Watch out for uneven ground, it’ll get ya! -Victoria 3. Triple check your ...Read More

How to Halter Your Show Calf

Your calf's halter is like a steering wheel. It is a vital tool for both showing your calf and working with it every day. A properly positioned halter will allow you to safely and efficiently work with you calf. Use these tips to make haltering your show calf simple. Pick the right kind of halter You want to pick a halter that is specifically for cattle. Stay away from horse halters. For daily use pick a rope halter made of rope that is a 1/2 inch in diameter. When it is time to head to the show ring there are many ...Read More

Healthy Foot Care in Swine

by Josh Brockman, Show Products Marketing & Growth Coordinator If you’ve hung around a show ring or spent anytime in livestock judging camps, clinics or contests, you’ve probably heard some of the following terms: “comfort,” “athletic,” “sure footed,” “when you judge them from the ground up,” the list could go on and on. To get down to it, most of these speak to a pig’s ability to drive comfortably and correctly. Structure, joints and general build are the most important factors in this all coming together. Evaluation emphasis on structure should be one of your main priorities when selection time ...Read More

Back to School – Stock Show Style

Summer has flown by, and it’s already time to get your backpacks packed and head back to school. We’ve put together a list to add a little stock show flair to your everyday school supplies. Stock Show Boutiques Back to School line: From lunch bags to pencils and notebooks, Stock Show Boutique offers a variety of back to school options that are customizable for whatever species you show. Some of our favorites are: Banner Chasing Livestock Lunch Bag Big Stripe Livestock Notebook Aztec Livestock IPad Case Sure Champ Flash Drives: With all of the projects you will be working on, ...Read More

Eating Healthy on the Road

While traveling to shows and spending long days in the barn, the last thing on your mind is eating healthy or watching calories. The constant rush from sun up to sun down makes it easy to grab fast food at the fairgrounds, or not even eat at all, which can make you feel worse. Here are some tips to help you snack and eat healthy on the road. Pack your own healthy snacks or stop at a grocery store once you get to your destination. Here are a few suggestions that are not only easy to throw in a cooler or ...Read More