Details Make the Difference

It’s the little things in life that matter. And those small details make all the difference to one West Coast cattle exhibitor. Julia Dayton, Healdsburg, California, started showing steers as a county fair project nearly a decade ago, but with hard work and attention to detail she has stepped up her game. Her top honors include winning the California State Fair Market Steer Show in 2014 and leading the Reserve in 2015. Also in 2015, Dayton showed the Supreme Market Animal with an AOB heifer and led the Reserve Overall Market Animal that same year with a crossbred steer at ...Read More

Packing for Your Next Haul

Packing a trailer before a show is like completing a jigsaw puzzle. Show families want to place things in just the right order, protecting smaller items from being smashed and keeping important things easily accessible. After several shows and especially years of showing livestock, most families have their methods mastered Ron and Tina Mayer are Peterson, Minnesota, parents who travel with their three kids across the country to cattle shows. The kids initially showed lambs and pigs as well, but have narrowed their focus to Angus, Simmental and Charolais heifers. Caroline Mayer, who is 16-years-old, says her family takes as ...Read More

Reducing Heat Stress in Show Cattle

Temperatures are beginning to rise and that means cattle can start to feel the effects of heat stress. It actually really doesn’t have to be that hot out before heat stress can occur. At temperatures as low as 70 degrees heat stress can set in. VitaFerm® HEAT is a mineral product that BioZyme® launched in 2014 and is an ideal product to use in heat stress situations. VitaFerm HEAT contains Amaferm® and Capsaicin, a pepper extract, both research-proven to lower body temperature. In the show world, we love the phrase “lower body temperature” because that means less heat stress, and ...Read More

Showbox Secrets for Success :: Sims Family Cattle Company

Jake and Evan Sims might be just a little superstitious about some of the items in their showbox…and with good reason. These brothers from Edmond, Oklahoma, successfully show Polled and Horned Hereford heifers across the country. The Sims boys have taken home many ribbons, banners and titles. They also take home some essential products, family-pride items and amazing memories. “Going to the barn and seeing how my cattle progress and change is the best part of showing,” says 16-year-old Jake. His 12-year-old brother, Evan, says being around his cattle friends from across the country is his favorite part, though his ...Read More

Decreasing Disease :: Fungus Prevention for Sheep and Goats

If you’re showing sheep or goats, you’ve got to protect them from disease and fungus. Maryland native, and a junior on Oklahoma State University’s judging team, Cooper Bounds, says that when an exhibitor goes to a show they are picking up disease and fungus from each of the animals that were in the pen before them. These, invisible, lingering germs will make your show project very sick if you don’t take precautions. Even when the judge handles your animal, Bounds says to think about how he or she is touching every other lamb or goat before handling yours. “Each time ...Read More

5 Simple Steps to Shine Your Buckles

Wearing our buckles everyday, for us, is a way to show off all of the hard work we put into winning it. However, all metals including jewelry and trophies will tarnish over time. Follow these quick and easy steps to get your buckles shiny and clean in a hurry. WARNING: Do not use this method on buckles with an antiqued style. It could take the antique finish off. In addition, this method has the ability to take paint off of painted buckles. Use caution when cleaning your painted buckles. Things You Need Cheap soft bristle toothbrush (hard bristles can scratch) ...Read More