Health Protocols for Newborn Calves

Calving season is here for many producers, and right around the corner for others. Now is the time to begin thinking about health protocols for newborn calves. This is a stressful period in a young calf’s life, and by ensuring they receive the proper nutrition, vitamins and minerals, you can make sure calves are off to a strong start. Healthy calves start with healthy cows. At this stage of the cow’s life, it is important that she is receiving a nutrient rich diet with the appropriate amount of protein. By working with your BioZyme® Area Sales Manager or one of ...Read More

Mark that Card: Market Gilt Class Results

Market Gilts Official Results Provided by, Brice Mund, Blinn Community College 1-2-3-4   Cuts: 3-5-3 I like the market hogs 1234. Quickly finding a top pair of carcass driven gilts to sort up it was 1's ability to combine her terminal value with a productive look and functional skeleton that allowed her to win. Not only is she set back more comfortably in her blade and knee while hinging looser out of hip and hind leg, but she's bolder in her forerib and center body. Now, the belted gilt may be the taller fronted, stouter featured hog  who's expressive and for ...Read More

Find Me the Money

By, Christy Lee Couch, Excerpt from DRIVE magazine article Sale day at the livestock show. It’s a day full of emotions – nervousness about letting go of an animal who’s become a pal; excitement about reaching the pinnacle of a show season; and anticipation about the selling price, the reward for months of hard work and dedication. As the auctioneer begins his chant to change ownership of those prized animals, are you confident – as a sale chairman or as a parent – that the youth you represent will get a fair reward for their investments? If you can answer ...Read More

Skin Care…For Your Steer

By, Marissa Drager, Drager Cattle Texas Majors season is in full swing, and by now most Houston aged steers have been slicked. While some think that means shorter days in the barn, the youth that are dedicated to presenting their projects at their best are still hard at it, working skin rather than hair. In most cases, when you slick off a steer's hair, it will unveil dry/flaky skin that is not appealing. In order to obtain healthy skin that shines and will grab a judge’s attention, it will take a large amount of dedication. We’ve outlined a few of ...Read More

When Passion Meets Opportunity: Hummel Livestock

By: Mollie Lastovica Success is not born overnight, but with the right combination of passion, persistence and will to win, it is achievable. Few understand this as well as Dale Hummel who has worked diligently with his family to create one of the top wether goat programs in the nation. Growing up in the stock show industry and as members of National Champion FFA Livestock Judging teams, Dale and his wife Holly knew that they wanted their children - Dylan, Tara, Chase and Kadie - to be involved in the industry that sculpted them as youth. When Dylan was old ...Read More

A Minor in Business Could be a Major Thing to Do

By, Rhonda McCurry Sometimes you have to get down to business. In the livestock world, there are many opportunities to focus on a segment of the industry you most enjoy. But, once a degree is earned it might also be necessary to know how to run an actual business. Whether a person majors in communications, economics, engineering or animal science, being able to manage the company books, comprehend financial statements and focus on accounts receivable and income are essential parts of running a business. This is also why earning a business minor can accentuate a bachelor’s degree and put a ...Read More