Boot Guide…From the Ground Up


The mention of major stock show season often conjures thoughts of great stock, great friends and  of course some good fashion too. The phrase, ‘good livestock starts from the ground up’, in our opinion, can be applied to fashion as well. So why not start off your major stock show season with a new pair of kicks?!  We have assembled some of our favorite footwear options that encompass everything a livestock showman must have – function, comfort, durability and a little style.

Hint, hint – these make great Christmas gifts as well!

Sure Champ Boot Guide: Anderson Bean Loch Ness Monster

Anderson Bean Loch Ness Monster- Available through Cavendar’s – $339

These boots are just an example of the trendy new hides available, check out the Big Bass Double Welt style for another unique option.





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Recipes from the Ranch

If I had to pick a season of the year that was my favorite, it would have to be fall. I love everything about it; school starting, football season, seasonal colors, candy corn, and Thanksgiving. This holiday has my favorite foods and sweetest memories.

The Thanksgiving holiday as a child was always spent at my grandparent’s homes with all my parents, uncles, aunts, cousins, and brothers. It was a time when there was always too much food, tons of laughter and technology was nowhere in sight. It was definitely a simpler time and I try to recreate this in my own way each year for our girls. 

The last several years our Thanksgivings have been spent alternately between family gatherings at home and at Texas A&M University. In years past we cheered our Aggies as they took on the University of Texas, and will again this year with their big game against Louisiana State University. We hope as all Aggies say, that they BTHO out of LSU!

For this month’s Sure Champ post  I’ve chosen to share recipes that are near and dear to my heart with my Granny Louise Young’s Pecan Pie, my husband’s favorite ‘Sure is the Best Broccoli Rice Casserole’, my daughter Ilissa’s Zucchini Squares and Bethany’s (aka the baker) Chocolate Pumpkin Kiss Cookies. I’ve also added in a simple recipe or two for what to do after Thanksgiving with that left over vegetable tray and a link here to my The Ranch Kitchen’s King Ranch Casserole where we use leftover turkey instead of chicken. It’s always an easy supper to make the next day or weekend after the big Thanksgiving meal.

Click on each of the links on the recipe names below to take you to the recipes. You can pin to your Pinterest boards, share with others or print a recipe card to use later.

I hope you enjoy these recipes shared today here on Sure Champ. My hope is that this Thanksgiving is your best yet and that the memories you make with your family and friends are sweet ones. 

 Alise Nolan – The Ranch Kitchen

Sure is the Best Broccoli Rice Casserole

Sure Best Broccoli

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Junior Spotlight : Shaylee Senkel


Shaylee Senkel


Ada, Oklahoma

Not your average young lady from Oklahoma. Shaylee takes her goals, activities and passion to the next level. Shaylee’s mom and mentor, Shawna,  has instilled the mantra, “If you’re gonna dream – dream BIG”.

The Showman ::

Shaylee and her family run a small group of registered Angus/Red Angus cattle. Their main focus is to breed and raise quality show cattle. Her show career began in 2009 and in 2013 she decided she wanted to start hauling to some major shows. She has been blessed to have several proud moments in the show ring this past year. Her proudest moment was winning Reserve Supreme Influence heifer at the Oklahoma Youth Expo last Spring with the Chi Influence heifer purchased from Buck Cattle Company.

“I knew she was good when I bought her, but she was slow to bloom and I never dreamed we would leave OKC winning such an amazing title. There is nothing like entering the “gateway of champions” for the Grand drive. My adrenalin was pumping and I was just so proud to be in the ring with so many outstanding heifers. I remember thinking how cool it was when the judge slapped Becca Moore’s great maintainer heifer as champion. I was so happy for her, because I had gotten to know her showing with the Buck family. Then when the judge reached for my hand & slapped my heifer I kept thinking this can’t be real,” says Shaylee.

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October Best of the Web

October was a very fun and exciting month for everyone at Sure Champ as we held our first ever Stress Tub contest where we received a number of great photos of people using old Vita Charge Stress Tubs and attended numerous shows, sales and agricultural events. We always enjoy receiving pictures from customers and dealers and we hope you enjoy seeing them as well. We have selected a few to share with you in our Best of the Web this month; be sure to keep the photos coming by tagging us, emailing or sharing and you may find your photos in next month’s Best of the Web!

Stress Tub Time Out Stress Tub time out! Thank you Randa & John Starnes for submitting this photo for our Stress Tub photo contest!

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College Football Match-Up : OK-State vs. K-State

Untitled-1College Football time! We love a good Big 12 match-up, who are you rooting for? Pick your team in our Sure Champ College Football Match-Up and you could win a 2L jug of VitaCharge® Liquid Boost! Simply fill out the form below and select the team you’re pulling for. Winners will be announced next week.

Vita Charge Liquid Boost Group

Learn More About Liquid Boost

Ralls-Hickman Family : Raising Ladies in the Show Barn


A group of stock show loving family members –3 girls, their mom, and a mentor.

Like many, the Ralls-Hickman  family was not born into the stock show life style, rather there was a spark ignited that led to a lifelong passion.  Kristine Ralls and her husband Pete have 6 kids – a blended family that looks similar to a modern day Brady Bunch. Kristine and her girls were originally a ‘horse family’ and traveled many miles on the Quarter Horse Circuit. They fell into the cattle business, and have never looked back.  Below is an interview with Kristine – she relates back to experiences in the barn and raising girls into young women through cattle.

“Our first exposure to cattle was a 4-H market steer for Victoria our oldest. Unfortunately, we have always been city slickers so we have not had our own property to raise any livestock. We grew accustomed to boarding our horses and once we got that first steer we started boarding him. From there, our cattle story grew to 2 more sisters showing steers. We were fortunate to also build a friendship and add another family member with Dwight Heffner. Dwight has raised a couple national champions in the Herefords and has bred some of the best show cattle on the west coast. Dwight has allowed and leased pasture space and basically let us take over “the barn” for a cool room and working cattle daily.  Because our family believes in hard work and doing the work ourselves for the past 10 years, the girls and I have traveled 20 minutes one way 2 times a day to take care of our show steers and heifers.  As the girls have gotten older and moved on past the local steer shows we have continued to grow our herd and breed cattle.

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