Be Prepared for Fall Weaning

Fall is right around the corner and along with cooler evening temperatures this time of the year means weaning and shipping for many people. The first 30-45 days after a calf is weaned is perhaps the most stressful period of its life. Good performance and health during this time can set the stage for an efficient and profitable feedout, or a long and productive life in the cow herd. On the other hand, most of the sickness and death loss due to respiratory disease happens at this time. In addition to respiratory disease, digestive upsets that occur here may show up as founder, liver abscesses and other side effects later on. Cattle that are fed too conservatively at this stage may pass up the most potentially efficient period of their life and add extra days on feed, and cost of gain. A few simple considerations will help ease this transition.


At BioZyme we offer a variety of products that can help ease the weaning transition, but one of the convenient methods and most popular products is to throw a Vita Charge Stress Tub in the pen. The Vita Charge Stress Tubs are a great way for animals to get their daily dose of Amaferm; the leading ingredient in all of BioZyme’s products. Amaferm is a research proven rumen stimulator that ignites appetite. You’ll see your livestock utilizing rations more efficiently and appetites steadier especially during stressful situations such as feed and water changes and weaning. (more…)

Junior Spotlight: Gatlin Goodson

“The harder you work, the luckier you get.” – Gary Player

This quote fits Gatlin Goodson. He serves as a role model for many young showmen in Oklahoma both in the ring and with his work ethic. We are honored to feature him in our Junior Spotlight. – Ryan Jones

Tell us a little about yourself.Goodson

My name is Gatlin Goodson. I am 14 years old and am from Shattuck, Oklahoma. I have two sisters, Cassidy and Allyn. I play football, basketball, and baseball for Shattuck Jr. High. I am a member of the Shattuck FFA where I not only show steers and heifers, but am also on the livestock judging team.

What species do you show and who has influenced you most in your show career?

I show beef cattle. My most influential person in my show career is my mom. She has taught me how to be responsible, dedicated, and that hard work pays off, not only in the showring but in everyday life.


Dealing with Bloat in Show Animals

Bloated Steer

Bloated Steer

A parent’s worst fear is having to tell their child that their 4-H project or prized show steer was found dead in the pen because of bloat. It’s something we’ve all seen and had to deal with. Fortunately, if bloat is caught early enough it can be treated, but in times when no one is around to treat the animal, it can result in the dreaded consequence of death. Amaferm, found in Sure Champ and Vita Charge, has been proven to do many great things for an animal’s digestive system and overall health, including the prevention of bloat.

Nutritionist Dr. Francis L. Fluharty, at The Ohio State University, says, “Amaferm has been shown to reduce the time that animals require to resume consumption during diet transition. It helps to stabilize the rumen environment, research proven to increase the growth rate of the fiber digesting bacteria in the rumen, as well as several strains of the lactate utilizing bacteria. Amaferm also has been shown to stimulate the growth of, and lactate uptake by Megasphaera elsdenii, the predominant lactate utilizing ruminal bacteria. Therefore, Amaferm should be effective in reducing the incidence of acidosis, and the side-effect of acidosis: bloat. Think of Amaferm any time calves, or feedlot cattle, are being transitioned from one diet to another, or are under any stress that may impact rumen stability or feed intake.”


Junior National Hereford Expo Recap

What a fantastic week the Sure Champ Team had in Pennsylvania for the Junior National Hereford Expo. In addition to our customers having Grand and Reserve Grand Champions in the Steer, Bulls, Cow/Calf, Bred and Owned Heifer, Polled Owned Heifer and Horned Owned Heifer Shows we had a ton of fun meeting new faces and visiting with our current supporters. You can view all the champion photos here.


The trip also included a trip to Hershey Park to make our own chocolate bars, a stop at the Dodge City Steakhouse that was featured on Food Network’s Restaurant Impossible, and lots of great seafood.

Sure Champ also had the best seat in the house for most of the show, taking candid photos and capturing video. Be sure to check out our Facebook page to see if we snapped a picture of your family.

Thank you to all that made the 2014 Junior National Hereford Expo a success. We can’t wait to see you in Grand Island, Nebraska next year.

Angus Junior National Recap

Once again the National Junior Angus Show was a huge success! The opening ceremonies kicked off the event with excited juniors, and a great performer sponsored by Sure Champ. Show day couldn’t come fast enough, and it was busy, busy for the Sure Champ crew. There were T-shirts to give out, Sure Champ customers to be helped, and a nutrition clinic to prepare for.

Cody Sankey, Biozyme Inc. Area Sales Manager, gave an educational clinic to over 100 exhibitors on the importance of nutrition for both show animals as well as more production-oriented animals. He highlighted how our products like Sure Champ and VitaCharge can help to ignite your animal’s appetite, increase their feed efficiency, and promote their overall health to make sure they are always looking their best.

Angus Jr Natl


Recipes from the Ranch

Alise Nolan

We are excited to bring you this month’s Recipes from the Ranch, from Mrs. Alise Nolan. On her way to Hereford Junior Nationals she took the time to share with us her travels as well as three great recipes. As you read below we hope you are excited to try these recipes for yourself!

From Alise Nolan:

Our annual summer vacation has begun. I sit here in an airport, my daughter Audrey and I are wait to board the second leg of our plane trip to the Junior National Hereford Expo. A hurricane on the east coast has delayed our flight and we hope our friends and cattle that are traveling up from Texas are safe and dry!

As you can guess, our vacation is not to an exotic island, but to our Junior National Hereford Expo in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania! Our family, along with countless others this summer will see America from the windows of their pick-up trucks, cars and a few airplanes all for the sake of showing their livestock on the national scale.  Its part vacation and part work, but the memories, friendships, sights, foods, wins and losses are memories we hope our girls cherish one day! We know we do as parents and are so glad we chose this way of life.