Sullivan Supply Extended Internship

Sullivan Supply InternshipInternships provide valuable real world experience to compliment the fundamentals learned in the classroom. Here is an exciting opportunity to work with the Sullivan Supply Team.Sullivan Supply - The Pulse – Extended Internship Program

The internship program will offer a college student the opportunity to travel across the country while assisting in providing the stock show industry with industry news and live event coverage.


This internship program is open for anyone to apply.

Applicant should be an upper level college student.

They should be skilled with Adobe programs, have basic photography skills and enjoy writing.

The applicant should be detail oriented, outgoing, and have the ability to work well with all types of people and under pressure.

They should also be creative and have the ability to work on their own.



The Internship

The internship will start in Early-January to prepare for the National Western Stock Show and run through Late August. With some variation on the ending date depending upon the availability of the person hired for the internship. The internship is based out of Dunlap, Iowa and would require relocation of the selected applicant for the duration of the internship.

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Tailgating Recipes from the Ranch

Fall is our favorite time of year at Sure Champ as we are quickly approaching weaning time, the fall majors and of course FOOTBALL! We are excited to share a number of recipes with you this month from Mrs. Alise Nolan and hope that they make their way into your tailgating or fall show menu lineup.


Alise Nolan and family during Texas A&M Tailgate!

As with anything our family does, there’s always a first time for everything and then that quickly turns in to a tradition. Over eight years ago we hosted our first Aggie Tailgate at Texas A&M University for our oldest daughter and her friends who were in their freshman year. We’d never tailgated before. We had a smaller RV at the time, a smoker and luckily a fantastic spot to tailgate in. We’ve refined our tailgating skills over the years and these annual events have become a really good time.

We’ve learned a few things over the years. If you cook, they will come. Your tailgate can be that touch of home your children’s college friends are missing. Yet most importantly, all the while, you are all making memories with your family and friends that will last a lifetime. Catching up with our friends both young and old while tailgating has become something my husband Scott and I have truly cherished over the years.

For this month’s Sure Champ Blog post I wanted to share recipes that you could easily make for a crowd for tailgates or simply cook for a group at home while watching the game. All these recipes transport well and were a huge hit with the crowd we served.

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New Product: Vita Charge Liquid Boost

Vita Charge Liquid Boost Group2BioZyme is ready to change the game again. You want more appetite, improved health, and the ability for your livestock to overcome stress? The Vita Charge line of products now includes Vita Charge Liquid Boost.

Liquid Boost is a convenient liquid supplement ideal to use prior to or during stressful periods. Like our entire line of Vita Charge products, Liquid Boost contains Amaferm, a prebiotic that significantly increases nutrient digestion and health during periods of stress.

In addition, Liquid Boost contains MOS, niacin, vitamins and flavors to support digestive health and the animal’s ability to fight off stress and drive increased feed and water intake. Initial reports include pigs coming out of the farrowing house stronger and healthier, steers staying on water and feed while at the show, and weaned calves going to the bunk faster. Liquid Boost does not contain any copper making it suitable for all species of livestock.

Vita Charge Liquid Boost can be mixed with water, used as a drench, top-dressed on feed or be administered via a medicator. Feeding rates and information can be found here.

To learn more about Vita Charge Liquid Boost and start using it in your barn click here.

“I’ve never seen a product generate this kind of results in our nursery. Our pigs eat more, drink more and are significantly stronger and healthier,” Jason Lackey, BioZyme Swine Specialist.

Internship Opportunities

Most students tend to think that summertime is an opportunity to seek our internships. However, throughout the fall and winter months there are many internship and leadership opportunities available. By seeking out these internships you can add experience to your resume before summer arrives, giving you an edge over your peers. Check out these four internships with fast approaching deadlines.

American Royal Media Internship: Calling all writers, photographers, social media gurus or livestock enthusiasts interested in new experiences and sharpening your media coverage skills. Internships will be responsible for covering a week of the American Royal. Interns will receive a $500 scholarship, lodging and an experience that can’t be gained in the classroom. Deadline is September 17, 2014. Click here for more information.

National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Internship: NCBA has an opportunity for students to assist with the Cattle Industry Annual Convention and NCBA Trade Show. This industry event boasts over 5,500 attendees and a trade show with more than 250 booths. Continue reading

Junior Spotlight: Maddy Udell

“The older you get the more you realize that it isn’t about the material things, or pride or ego. It’s about our hearts and who they beat for.”- R.A. The livestock industry is filled with great young people and individuals that strive to better not only their lives but the lives of others and our Junior Spotlight feature, Maddy Udell does just that. Maddy lives to be an inspiration to her peers and young people and at the end of the day serves as an inspiration to even older generations than herself. To use only one word to describe her would NOT be significant enough as she lives her life in a way that is indescribable and admirable. We are proud of Maddy and her accomplishments in and outside of the showring and feel privileged to feature her in our Sure Champ Junior Spotlight.

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Maddy Udell, and I am from Sioux City, IA. I’m 18 years old and currently a freshman at Oklahoma State University dual majoring in Ag Communications and Ag Business. My parents are Bret and Becky Udell and I have a brother named Mitchell who is 22 years old. I have been involved in the livestock industry my entire life and showing cattle is something I am very passionate about.

Miss Maddy Udell

Do you have a favorite quote or words you live by?

“If you ever feel like giving up, just remember that somewhere out there is a little girl watching you who wants to be just like you. Don’t disappoint her.” – Unknown

I think this applies to a lot of people in the cattle industry. I know when I was little I had several role models of my own and I can only hope to be a role model for girls starting out showing now.

Udell Family

 Tell us a little about the photography you do.

I have enjoyed taking pictures for a long time. Last December I decided I wanted to take it further and create a business out of it. I started Mind’s Eye Photography and have really enjoyed it. I mainly focus on livestock photography and ring shots, but also do family, child, and senior photography. The past couple years I have been an intern on and off for Legacy Livestock Imaging and am working for them this fall as an intern at the Kansas State Fair and Kansas Junior Livestock Show.

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August Best of the Web

August has been a very busy month with county and state fairs underway and the preparation for fall sales. Just like every month, we received so many great pictures from our customers and dealers we want to make sure you also saw them. We hope you enjoy the pictures we have selected for this month.

ALS Cold Water Challenge Wyatt Kegley wearing his Sure Champ T-Shirt Challenged Sure Champ to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! No water has been poured on a staff members head (yet) but donations have been made.

SC on a Keychain

Rylee Parsons carries the Sure Champ flash drive with her everywhere on her keychain!

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