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Ivy Long Vita Charge Testimonial
Ivy Long
  • Pennsylvania
  • “We show lambs all spring and summer. The long trailer rides can sometimes take a toll on the lambs. Vita Charge® Paste (transitioned to Vita Charge® Gel July 2019) really ...Read More


    18 Gilliam County Fair, Reserve Grand Champion Market Lamb, Shown by Wyatt Wilson Test
    Wyatt Wilson
  • Oregon
  • "We used the Sure Champ® EXTREME over the summer where temps were constantly anywhere from the high 90's to low 100's with a week being 110 plus. During this time ...Read More


    18 Missouri State Fair, Reserve Grand Champion Market Lamb, Shown by Payton Dahmer Test
    Payton Dahmer
  • Missouri
  • "Utilizing the Vita Charge® Liquid Boost® was crucial throughout the summer keeping our sheep on feed and managing stress during the heat. Liquid Boost was pivotal during the final days ...Read More


    Nick Wartnjes
  • California
  • "As a breeder, we recommend Sure Champ® Spark® for all the project lambs we sell. The low feeding rate and palatability make Spark a great option for young lambs. We ...Read More


    Brad Amthauer, Amthauer Club Lambs
  • Iowa
  • “We tried the Sure Champ® Climate Control Paste (transitioned to Vita Charge® Climate Control Gel July 2019) last year at Louisville, but the barns there stay at fairly even temperature. ...Read More


    Supreme Grand Champion Breeding Ewe Georgia National
    Jarrett Baldwin
  • Georgia
  • "Sure Champ® and Vita Charge® have made a huge impact on our feeding regimen. They are both amazing products, especially when your livestock are stressed and don’t want to eat. ...Read More


    Maggie Madden Grand Champion Lamb 450×298
    Maggie Madden
  • California
  • “At home, I know that we can depend on Sure Champ® to keep our show lambs healthy and excited to eat. Since adding Vita Charge® to our show day routine, ...Read More


    Champion Dorset NAILE
    Sarah Moore
  • Illinois
  • “I started feeding my sheep Sure Champ® two years ago and love the results. It keeps their appetite steady and consistent, gives their wool a shine and fresh appearance, has ...Read More


    Final Frontier Farm |Kentucky
    Final Frontier Farm
  • Kentucky
  • "We decided to use Sure Champ® on a couple of lambs that had survived a coyote attack. Because of the stress and massive antibiotics foreskin puncture wounds the lambs were ...Read More


    Audrey & Jeff Neal |Ohio
    Audrey & Jeff Neal
  • Ohio
  • "We were extremely pleased with the consistent results that we found with the Sure Champ® products when fed to our string of lambs. Each lamb responded by having an increase ...Read More