Sheep Testimonials


Austin North
Austin North
  • Slidell, Texas
  • "Sure Champ® Joint Juice and Vita Charge® Clench Gel are top-notch products. We have been using Joint Juice for 2 months and can see a huge difference in our lamb's ...Read More


    Chad Charmasson
  • Hennessey, OK
  • “We’ve been using BioZyme and Sure Champ® products for several years now. I am a big believer in the Amaferm® advantage, seeing big time results how well our sheep utilize ...Read More


    Blaine Rodgers, Rodgers Livestock
  • Missouri
  • "The use of Vita Charge® Gel over this summer State Fair run has proven the efficacy of the new form. Not only has palatability increased, but the decrease in loss ...Read More


    2019 Gilliam County Fair, Grand Champion Lamb, Shown by Wyatt Wilson-test
    Wyatt Wilson
  • Oregon
  • "Using the Sure Champ Spark & Vita Charge Climate Control Gel we were able to keep our lambs on feed all summer and gaining. During shows and county fair they ...Read More


    Ivy Long Vita Charge Testimonial
    Ivy Long
  • Pennsylvania
  • “We show lambs all spring and summer. The long trailer rides can sometimes take a toll on the lambs. Vita Charge® Paste (transitioned to Vita Charge® Gel July 2019) really ...Read More


    18 Gilliam County Fair, Reserve Grand Champion Market Lamb, Shown by Wyatt Wilson Test
    Wyatt Wilson
  • Oregon
  • "We used the Sure Champ® EXTREME over the summer where temps were constantly anywhere from the high 90's to low 100's with a week being 110 plus. During this time ...Read More


    18 Missouri State Fair, Reserve Grand Champion Market Lamb, Shown by Payton Dahmer Test
    Payton Dahmer
  • Missouri
  • "Utilizing the Vita Charge® Liquid Boost® was crucial throughout the summer keeping our sheep on feed and managing stress during the heat. Liquid Boost was pivotal during the final days ...Read More


    Nick Wartnjes
  • California
  • "As a breeder, we recommend Sure Champ® Spark® for all the project lambs we sell. The low feeding rate and palatability make Spark a great option for young lambs. We ...Read More


    Brad Amthauer, Amthauer Club Lambs
  • Iowa
  • “We tried the Sure Champ® Climate Control Paste (transitioned to Vita Charge® Climate Control Gel July 2019) last year at Louisville, but the barns there stay at fairly even temperature. ...Read More


    Supreme Grand Champion Breeding Ewe Georgia National
    Jarrett Baldwin
  • Georgia
  • "Sure Champ® and Vita Charge® have made a huge impact on our feeding regimen. They are both amazing products, especially when your livestock are stressed and don’t want to eat. ...Read More


    Maggie Madden Grand Champion Lamb 450×298
    Maggie Madden
  • California
  • “At home, I know that we can depend on Sure Champ® to keep our show lambs healthy and excited to eat. Since adding Vita Charge® to our show day routine, ...Read More


    Champion Dorset NAILE
    Sarah Moore
  • Illinois
  • “I started feeding my sheep Sure Champ® two years ago and love the results. It keeps their appetite steady and consistent, gives their wool a shine and fresh appearance, has ...Read More


    Final Frontier Farm |Kentucky
    Final Frontier Farm
  • Kentucky
  • "We decided to use Sure Champ® on a couple of lambs that had survived a coyote attack. Because of the stress and massive antibiotics foreskin puncture wounds the lambs were ...Read More


    Audrey & Jeff Neal |Ohio
    Audrey & Jeff Neal
  • Ohio
  • "We were extremely pleased with the consistent results that we found with the Sure Champ® products when fed to our string of lambs. Each lamb responded by having an increase ...Read More