Goat Testimonials


Jordan Ash
Jordan Ash
  • Lancaster, OH
  • "We’ve been using the Vita Charge® Climate Control Gel consistently on our set of show goats we’ve been showing this season. The results we’ve achieved have been impressive. With the ...Read More


    2019 Gilliam County Fair, Grand Champion Market Goat, Shown by Hunter Wilson-test
    Hunter Wilson
  • Oregon
  • "Using the Sure Champ Spark & Vita Charge Climate Control Gel we were able to keep my market goat on feed all summer and gaining. During jackpots and county fair ...Read More


    Lane Blairtest
    Lane Blair
  • Florida
  • "We have used Sure Champ® products in the past, but this was our first time trying Sure Champ® Spark®, and our show goats love it! Since we live in Florida, ...Read More


    18 Gilliam County Fair, Grand Champion Market Goat, Shown by Hunter Wilson Test
    Hunter Wilson
  • Oregon
  • "We used the Sure Champ® EXTREME product all summer when our temps started hitting the low 100's and we learned about this great product. We could not be happier with ...Read More


    18 Shippensburg Fair, Reserve Grand Champion, Shown by Killiann George Test
    Killiann George
  • Pennsylvania
  • "The Sure Champ® has always kept my animals eating and balanced. Then as the extremely hot days of summer came the Sure Champ® Climate Control (transitioned to Vita Charge® Climate ...Read More


    18 Carroll County Fair, Grand Champion Rate of Gain,Shown by Hannah Staub TEST
    Hannah Staub
  • Pennsylvania
  • "We used Vita Charge® and Sure Champ® Climate Control (transitioned to Vita Charge® Climate Control Gel July 2019) at home and on the road all summer, to help keep our ...Read More


    KayLea Taylor
  • Oklahoma
  • "The use of Sure Champ throughout show season keeps our goats on feed and growing. When the stressful days of show season approach, Vita Charge® Paste (transitioned to Vita Charge® ...Read More


    Monika Wallen
  • Indiana
  • "While targeting American Royal was my main goal, I fed Sure Champ® throughout our hot and humid Indiana summer months to keep our wethers eating, growing and gaining muscle. Our ...Read More


    Sure Champ Grand Champion Doe OYE
    Sydney Bean
  • Oklahoma
  • "We start all our show does on Sure Champ® on the day we get them home. With Sure Champ we never have issues keeping them on feed, and they always ...Read More


    Cora Svoboda Nebraska Goat Sure Champ
    Cora Svoboda
  • Nebraska
  • "Since using Sure Champ® my goats have never went off feed, and continued to grow at a steady rate. At feeding time the goats fought to eat, and always cleaned ...Read More


    Jaeyln Sewell Grand Champion OYE
    Jaelyn Sewell
  • Oklahoma
  • “Since putting our does on Sure Champ® we have noticed a huge improvement in their appetites. They grow at a more consistent rate without the awkward growth spurts that sometimes ...Read More


    National Champion Percentage Boar Goat Herd Tyler Peterson Ronsal Family farm
    Ronsal Family Farm
  • Pennsylvania
  • "We always give our goats Vita Charge® daily for the week leading up to and during the show. We rely heavily on Vita Charge during show season. We truly believe ...Read More


    Alex Prickett
  • Texas
  • "Since we started using Sure Champ® we have noticed a big improvement in the does staying on feed when we haul them. As well as it has really helped those ...Read More


    Blackman Family
    Blackman Family
  • AR
  • "I am not a fan of gimmicks or all the supplements that people normally use but this is our second show season using Sure Champ® and I am sold! The ...Read More


    Mark and Debbie Anderson, F&H Ranch | Tennessee
    Mark and Debbie Anderson, F&H Ranch
  • TN
  • "We have been using Vita Charge® for almost 2 years. A friend told us about it, and we tried it when we got home and have never stopped. We use ...Read More


    Evan Kempker | Missouri
    Evan Kemper
  • Missouri
  • "Sara's goat was a finicky eater and had hit a weight gaining barrier. We tried many different feeds to get him to stay on feed consistently and to gain weight ...Read More


    Marge Newton Skaggs, Newton Farms | Indiana
    Marge Newton Skaggs, Newton Farms
  • IN
  • "Our Overall Grand Champion Percentage Doe at the Kansas State Fair and American Royal, and division winner at the NAILE has been on a ration that included Sure Champ®. We ...Read More


    Rochelle Gates, Platinum Boers | Oklahoma
    Rochelle Gates, Platinum Boers
  • OK
  • "We love Sure Champ® because it keeps the goats eating while we are on the road. During the year it is easy to travel 3,000 to 4,000 miles showing across ...Read More


    Donna and Rylan Puckett | Texas
    Donna and Rylan Puckett
  • Texas
  • "We are beyond impressed with the Sure Champ® products. Our whether was 22 lbs. at our January tag in and went to the show at 82 lbs. In 125 days he ...Read More


    Denise Garriott, Garriott Ranch
  • IN
  • "We were introduced to VitaFerm® and Sure Champ® in the early 1980s through our cow herd. We slowly began to transition the products into our goat feeding program and continued ...Read More


    Kirk Perry, K&D Boer Goats | Texas
    Kirk Perry, K&D Boer Goats
  • TX
  • “In our goats they eat less and look better (hair coat, eyes, overall health, and not as many worm problems). They gain weight much easier and more muscle mass. Does ...Read More


    Robin Walters, Bar None Meat Goats | Texas
    Robin Walters, Bar None Meat Goats
  • TX
  • “Left Sunday evening about 7pm – drove through the night to Monroe, LA didn’t get unloaded till noon Monday morning – 17 hours in the trailer. Goats showed Tuesday through ...Read More


    Jesse Luke | Texas
    Jesse Luke
  • TX
  • Jesse Luke clearly has the bragging rights for his grandson, John Landon Luke of Burnett, Texas and their show goats. John had 2 Grand Champions and 2 Reserve Champions in ...Read More