Pig Testimonials


The Hannan Family
The Hannan Family
  • Leshara, Nebraska
  • "We use Vita Charge® Liquid Boost when new pigs arrive to make sure they get off to a good start. We also use Liquid Boost in the days leading up ...Read More


    Debbie & Tyler Stramel
  • Kansas
  • "We raised this barrow, Hollywood, that our son Kasen won Reserve Grand Champion Barrow with at the Kansas Junior Livestock Show. The barrow has been on Sure Champ® Joint Juice ...Read More


    Nic Edwards
  • Iowa
  • “We started using the Sure Champ® Joint Juice when our pigs reached about 150 pounds and kept using it through the show season. They seemed more flexible as the year ...Read More


    Tyler Norvell
  • Oklahoma
  • “We use the Vita Charge® Gel when we go to a show to make sure that our pigs keep their appetite. A lot of time you go to those environments ...Read More


    David Wilson
  • Texas
  • “The products I have the best results with are Vita Charge® Liquid Boost® and Vita Charge® Gel. Our show pigs stay fresher, adjust to stress easier and eat and drink ...Read More


    Marci Rehm
  • "We had several sick pigs all spring. One was very sick just weeks before our state show. We got him vetted and healthy, but we assumed he wouldn't be able ...Read More


    George Family
    George Family
  • Ohio
  • "We started using the Vita Charge Paste (Transitioned to Vita Charge® Gel July 2019) in April and used it every day until our hogs went in the show ring July ...Read More


    Gillis Family
    Gillis Family
  • Wisconsin
  • “We have really liked the Vita Charge® Liquid Boost®. It mixes easily with milk replacer, livestock will drink it in water or easy as a drench. We always have used ...Read More


    Kamryn VanAusdalltest
    Kamryn VanAusdall
  • Texas
  • "Like every show pig in our barn, Blizzard, my Champion York at the National Western, was put on Sure Champ® Spark as soon as we brought him home. Our pigs ...Read More


    Schlipf Family
  • Illinois
  • “If you’ve been to the Illinois State Fair, you know the stakes are high and it’s very competitive. So when it comes time to get all of our State Fair ...Read More


    Josey Moore test
    Anthony and Josey Moore
  • Oklahoma
  • "There are a few things we will not show without. Sure Champ® Extreme is one of them, regardless of temperature. You can always find a tube of Vita Charge® Paste (transitioned to ...Read More


    18 Missouri State Fair, Grand Champoin FFA Crossbred Gilt, Shown by Bailey Boland Test
    Bailey Boland
  • Missouri
  • "I was introduced to Sure Champ® Climate Control in 2017 (transitioned to Vita Charge® Climate Control Gel July 2019) at the World Pork Expo. I had a gilt that was ...Read More


    18 State Fair Of Texas, Grand Champion Hampshire Breeding Gilt, Shown by Genai Lopez Test
    Genai Lopez
  • Texas
  • "We feed Sure Champ® Spark® daily to keep our pigs eating and have a healthy gut. We also use Vita Charge® a week before the show and while at the ...Read More


    18 Monterey County Fair, Reserve Grand Champion Market Hog, Shown by Taryn Wright Test
    Taryn Wright
  • California
  • "I fed him Sure Champ® Spark® from when he came off the truck at 45 pounds until the last day of the fair. By feeding Spark, he always had an ...Read More


    18 Walworth Co. Fair, Grand Champion, Shown by Addy Popp Test
    Addy Popp
  • Wisconsin
  • "Our barrows and gilts went from being picky eaters to knocking the bottoms out of the feeders once we added Vita Charge® Liquid Boost®!"


    18 Washington County Fair, Grand Champion Market Hog, Shown by Diana Lewis Test
    Diana Lewis
  • Oregon
  • "I always rely on Vita Charge® Liquid Boost® when traveling to shows. It keeps my hogs eating and drinking, which ultimately helps them perform in the ring. It is a ...Read More


    17 Schulenburg Jr Livestock Show, Grand Champ, Shown by Bailey Rolirad Test
    Bailey Rolirad
  • Texas
  • "Keeps our show animals eating even during the hot Texas weather!"


    Edwards Family
  • Missouri
  • "We are faithful in our use of Sure Champ® additives as we’ve used Vita Charge® for a few years and have now added Sure Champ® Spark®. Spark is perfect for ...Read More


    Gavin Sinclair
  • Indiana
  • "Sure Champ® is a great product to keep pigs on feed and healthy when showing week after week in warm weather."


    Sarah Perry
  • California
  • "Used Vita Charge® Liquid Boost® prior to transportation to our fair and continued throughout the fair. First time ever all three hogs stayed hydrated and looked amazing in the ring."


    Charlie Bennett
  • Wisconsin
  • “I started using Sure Champ® Climate Control (transitioned to Vita Charge® Climate Control Gel July 2019) daily for the week leading up to our fair. Our four pigs were used ...Read More


    Carl & Grace Jacobson
  • Arizona
  • "We started using Sure Champ® in our rations about three years ago, and since then our pigs don't get fed unless Sure Champ is in the bucket, PERIOD! We love ...Read More


    Payton_Grand Barrow CA State Fair
    Payton Rodgers
  • California
  • "Living in California we have to travel a long way to most of the shows my sister and I show at. Maintaining appetite and hydration becomes more challenging the longer ...Read More


    Reserve Supreme Breeding Gilt Houston Livestock Show Morgan Miller
    Morgan Miller
  • Texas
  • "When formulating rations we rely on Sure Champ® to keep our pigs’ appetite levels up and their stress levels down. We start the pigs off with Vita Charge® Paste (transitioned ...Read More


    Grand Purebred Gilt Southeast Regional
    Clay Kincaid
  • Indiana
  • “I started using Sure Champ® at Expo this year. Since then I have been using it my show pigs have more bloom and have increased their appetite. I went to Springfield’s Team ...Read More


    Blake Logan Sure Champ Pig NWSS
    Blake Logan
  • Indiana
  • "We rely on Vita Charge® paste (transitioned to Vita Charge® Gel July 2019) in our feeding program for a once a week boost in appetite. As we get down to ...Read More


    Bradey Newhouse Grand Champion Market Hog
    Bradey Newhouse
  • Indiana
  • “We feed Sure Champ® from the time our pigs get to our barn until show day. We believe it increases appetite and helps improve feed conversion. We also think Vita ...Read More


    Devin McBryde Grand Champion Berk Barrow Houston
    Devin McBryde
  • Texas
  • We have tried several of the products, Vita Charge® paste (transitioned to Vita Charge® Gel July 2019), Sure Champ® and Vita Charge® Liquid Boost®. We thought each one served a ...Read More


    Vita Charge Liquid Boost Group Testimonial
    Kyle Knauth, Knauth Showpigs
  • IL
  • "When I first heard about Liquid Boost, I knew I had to try it since we had great success with Sure Champ® and Vita Charge®. Using Liquid Boost® in times ...Read More


    Mikala Grady Champion Barrow Fort Worth
    Grady Family
  • TX
  •  “We have used Sure Champ® for the last couple of years and have had a tremendous amount of success keeping pigs on feed and we attribute this to Sure Champ. It’s ...Read More


    The Page Family
  • GA
  • “Vita Charge® and Sure Champ® have become an important part of our show routine. They are a vital part of keeping our hogs on feed while we are away at ...Read More


    Reserve Champion Hampshire Houston
    Lyrik Loyd
  • Texas
  • "Sure Champ® really make a difference in one that doesn't have much of an appetite. Within two weeks I was doubling weight gains and was able to keep appetite going through ...Read More


    Stu & Josh Dildine, LHR Livestock
    Stu & Josh Dildine, LHR Livestock
  • TX
  • "Sometimes things come along in the livestock show business that just work. That's the way we feel about Sure Champ® and Vita Charge®. They definitely increased appetite in both our ...Read More


    2014 Black and Gold Classic Grand Champion Market Barrow Day 1 Rilee Dunn | Texas
    Ashlei Mason
  • TX
  • "Vita Charge® has been an essential product in our show pig feeding program since it was first introduced. We all know that when you are traveling to a show or ...Read More


    Brock Johnson | Iowa
    Michael L. Peiffer, Ag Ed Instructor/FFA Advisor
  • IA
  • "I had eight kids showing pigs and cattle out at my barn this past year because they live in town. One requirement is they feed Sure Champ®. I had a ...Read More


    Lyndon Youngblood & Tyler Davis | Arkansas
    Lyndon Youngblood & Tyler Davis | Arkansas
  • "Out of all the feed and additives in our feed room, the one constant that every animal gets is Sure Champ®! Our sales rep, Alan Lee introduced us to Sure ...Read More


    Doug Albright, Albright Swine Farm | Michigan
    Doug Albright, Albright Swine Farm
  • MI
  • "No other supplement has done more for us than Sure Champ®. The pigs on it eat better at the show than we have ever seen before. Sure Champ® has become ...Read More


    Kevin Wendt, Wendt Livestock | Ohio
    Kevin Wendt, Wendt Livestock
  • OH
  • "With the number of gilts we have on feed every summer, Sure Champ® was a great product to include in our every day rations. We immediately noticed that they were ...Read More


    Justin Lacy Agricultural Science Teacher/FFA Advisor | Texas
    Justin Lacy, Ag Science Teacher/FFA Advisor
  • TX
  • "Sure Champ® is a key component in every individualized ration our show pigs are fed. There's no other product on the market that keeps pigs on feed during times of ...Read More


    Nathan Day, Indiana
    Nathan Day
  • IN
  • "I’m not one to fall for supplements as I think most of them are junk, but I can say with absolute confidence that Sure Champ® and Vita Charge® are the ...Read More


    Jay McCormick, Texas
    Jay McCormick
  • TX
  • “When I advise customers on feeding I very rarely ever try supplements or additives, but after trying Sure Champ® I am very impressed! I have never fed a product that ...Read More


    Kyle Stephens, Texas
    Kyle Stephens
  • TX
  • “Sure Champ® is one of the few feed additives that does what it claims to do."


    Mike McCoy and Kelly Kimley
    Mike McCoy and Kelly Kimley
  • OH
  • “While many were struggling to get their show barrows to consume, our hogs on Sure Champ® never missed a beat. We have never seen a product work as quickly and ...Read More


    Cody Hayes | Kinder, LA
    Cody Hayes
  • Kinder, LA
  • “Sure Champ® and Vita Charge® have been unbelievable in regards to the way they have worked to keep the pigs on feed during and after hauling. Sure Champ® has also ...Read More


    Luke McDonnell | Indiana
    Luke McDonnell
  • IN
  • “Sure Champ® has been a great addition for our team. We have seen an increase in consumption at critical times this year. When it has been extremely hot our barrows have ...Read More


    Adam Crouch Family | Indiana
    Adam Crouch Family
  • IN
  • “Since adding Sure Champ® to our hogs’ diet they have stayed on track with the continual up and down weather this spring and summer. Sure Champ® has helped our hogs ...Read More


    Taylor Walker | Texas
    Taylor Walker
  • TX
  • "My family has noticed a stimulated appetite and increased consumption in our barrows since the use of Sure Champ®. It is reducing stress in our barn by helping maintain health ...Read More


    Ben Bobell, Bobell Farms | Illinois
    Ben Bobell, Bobell Farms
  • IL
  • "Our first experience feeding Sure Champ® products was with a group of boars and gilts, including Hillbilly Cadillac, for the Southwest Type Conference. We immediately saw increased appetite, and were able ...Read More