David Wilson

“The products I have the best results with are Vita Charge® Liquid Boost® and Vita Charge® Gel. Our show pigs stay fresher, adjust to stress easier and eat and drink better than solely on water. We give our show pigs Liquid Boost during transitions such as traveling to the vet or going to a show. In our program, we keep our pigs on Liquid Boost for two to three days before and two to three days after transition. At competitions, Vita Charge Gel consistently keeps our pigs fresh and eating and drinking at optimal levels. I appreciate the convenience of the 300 mL tubes which are more economical and easier to dispense. We also use Sure Champ® Extreme because it has Climate Control with garlic in it. We have experienced a significant reduction in flies relative to our peers who only have a fly spray program. Overall, the Vita Charge and Sure Champ products have increased our ability to properly condition our animals for showtime. I strongly encourage anyone with a show animal to implement these products into their program.”