Prep To Win Videos

Thank you for visiting the Make Your Own Luck video library. Over the next several weeks, we will be adding additional pig videos as well as cattle videos in July. We hope that these videos will serve as a guide that you can revisit again and again to help you succeed with your current and future livestock show project. We are committed to helping you “Prep to Win” and hope this will bring you one step closer to reaching your goals!

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How to Tie a Calf in a Chute

How to Rinse Your Calf

How Do You Blow Your Calf

How Do You Halter Your Calf

Using a Stock Stick to Move Your Calf's Feet

How to Tie Up a Show Calf

How to Introduce the Show Stick

How to Tame Your Show Pig

How To Read Ear Notches

How to clip the body of your pig

How to clip the head, ears, tail and underline of your pig

How do you use your whip?

How do you find the proper posture?

How do you build the proper show pig pen?

Sure Champ: If they’re not eating, you’re not winning