Robin Walters, Bar None Meat Goats | Texas

Robin Walters, Bar None Meat Goats

“Left Sunday evening about 7pm – drove through the night to Monroe, LA didn’t get unloaded till noon Monday morning – 17 hours in the trailer. Goats showed Tuesday through Saturday. Used the Vita Charge paste (transitioned to Vita Charge® Gel July 2019) before we loaded up to leave & daily at the show. Goats stayed on feed & water – looked great at show time.

We showed 11 head that week; all but 1 made the cut, most made the last cut or placed in the top 15.

Goats had a lot of trouble adjusting to the change in humidity. Even though the barn was air conditioned there were quite a few goats that ended up sick, off feed, bloated, drawn and just looked bad. My string never missed a meal or a drink of water.”