4 Tips on Improving Water Quality for Show Animals

As things are heating up across the country both in terms of temperature and competition in the show ring, water is something that we all need to be paying attention to. To have truly productive animals we need to ensure that they have good quality drinking water. In our Make Your Own Luck Clinics we always ask what is the most important nutrient? It makes us excited to see that most exhibitors know it is water! We’ve been taught that is it important to have an abundance of water available. Daily intake on a cow can vary from 3 to ...Read More

Mark That Card: Heifer Class Results

Heifers Official Results Provided by, Brad Bennett, University of Nebraska-Lincoln 2-3-1-4   Cuts: 4-2-6 I like the Shorthorn Plus heifers 2-3-1-4. Quality certainly runs deep in this set, but it’s not hard to latch onto the brood cow look in the roan heifer to win. She’s by far the boldest ribbed, most maternal heifer in class whose freshness and quality make her stand out while still reading the most correct in her build and hip and hind leg assembly. Now, if you’re after extra length and extension, the leveler topped red heifer is intriguing. But, she’s surprisingly thicker necked, rolls her hip ...Read More

5 Ways to Maintain Appetite

A good appetite is a sign of a healthy animal, but can sometimes be hard to maintain, especially in the summer months. Here are 5 quick tips for promoting a steady appetite in your livestock. Clean Water: Water is one of the most important nutrients for your livestock and often one of the most overlooked. Your livestock need access to clean drinking water in order to maintain optimum health. Monitoring your animal’s water quality is an inexpensive and effective way to promote healthy livestock. Fresh Feed: Whether you get your feed fresh from the mill or use a pre-mixed ration ...Read More

Beat the Heat: Airflow in Livestock Barns

Livestock barns vary in shapes, sizes and material, but it is always important to take airflow and circulation into consideration when creating an environment for your animals to thrive. During hot weather, getting the air moving is one of the simplest and most effective ways to keep livestock and exhibitors cool. Livestock facilities require both ventilation and circulation of air year-round. Ventilation is the exchange of interior and exterior air, whereas circulation is the mixing of air within a space to prevent stagnant conditions. Why is Air Circulation Important? Consistent circulation helps reduce temperatures, causes less stress on animals and keeps ...Read More

Internship Experience: Lauren Barker

I was asked to sit down and write about my summer and my first thought was, “How long do they want this?” I don’t even know where to begin describing my amazing experience this summer. I feel as if any blog post could never get across exactly how much I have learned. My first week in the office was a in a blur of product training and learning the basics. I met every one of the great people in the office and settled in. But we didn’t stay in the office long - our third week was spent in Des ...Read More

A Summer of Junior Nationals and Memories

This summer, the Sure Champ team travelled thousands of miles to attend junior national shows across the nation. The team had five weeks packed full of meeting junior exhibitors, spinning the Sure Champ wheel and eating lots of great food. Check out some of the summer interns favorite memories from the #SureChampSummerTour. Jack Oattes: Sales Intern Red Angus Opening ceremonies were about as cool at NAJRAE as any junior national this summer. More than just introducing the board members, they each rolled into the arena on a motorcycle. Talk about an entrance! Beyond that, I have an immense appreciation for ...Read More