2015 Agriculture Conference Opportunities

Conferences are not only a great way to connect with people that have similar interests as you, but also to learn about current topics and trends in a given field. Here is a list of “must attend” conferences in the agriculture industry: Telling Your Ag Story | September 26 | Kansas In the “Telling Your Ag Story” workshop led by Heidi Anderson, Chief of Creativity and photographer for Legacy Livestock Imaging, participants will come away from this class with a better understanding of how to share their “ag world” in pictures. Topics covered include: the basics of camera settings, optimizing ...Read More

Show Ring Wardrobe for Less

It’s been long debated – show ring fashion. We all know that the show ring is not designed to be a catwalk for us to strut our style. Whatever you are leading, driving or bracing should always be the number one focus. However, I don’t think many would disagree that it is important to look and feel professional in the show ring. Our team attended A LOT of junior national shows this summer and it was pretty evident that the new favorite brand of jeans to wear in the show ring is 7 for All Mankind or “7's.” Melissa Grimmel, ...Read More

Recipes from the Ranch: Two Ways to Turn Up the Taste

by Alise Nolan, The Ranch Kitchen In the last few years, black beans have found their way in to my pantry. They are a versatile vegetable that we can enjoy with more than just our Tex-Mex dishes. Black beans are not only delicious in these salsas, but are very high in fiber and a good source of protein. They contain antioxidants and vitamin B, along with numerous other vitamins and minerals. So with all that said…black beans are good for you just like Sure Champ supplements! ;o) Native to Peru and one of the cheaper beans to produce, recipe ideas ...Read More

Jr Spotlight: Riley Francis

Riley Francis has been very active in the agriculture industry and has had experiences most could only dream of, especially for her age. Riley took an internship in Russia working on a ranch and has brought back tales of her adventures. Tell us about yourself. My name is Riley Francis and I’m from North Dakota. I’m 21 years old and attend North Dakota State University where I am majoring in Animal Science Biomedical. I already have Bachelors degrees in Biology and Chemistry. My biggest win was a win for my family in 2002 when we won Supreme Champion Overall Bull ...Read More

The Power of Protein in Cattle Diets

Protein is essential within the diet of a ruminant to supply the ammonia needed for microbial growth and to provide the amino acids needed for absorption from the small intestine. A deficiency in protein can limit microbial activity, microbial protein synthesis and rate of digestion. All these can in turn impact feed and energy intake. Furthermore, if an animal receives insufficient amounts of protein, production of meat, milk, and wool can be dramatically reduced. Here are a few helpful tips to proper protein supplementation: 1. IDENTIFY REQUIREMENTS.In order to develop a cost effective supplementation program, you must first know the ...Read More

Mark That Card: Crossbred Bred Gilts Results

Scenario: Place these bred females as they are to function in a total confinement setting in North Central Iowa. The primary focus is to retain the top end of the females to substitute for an older set of sows. The firms goal is to keep soundness and build in mind. Crossbred Bred Gilts Official Results Provided by, Miles Toenyes, Western Illinois University 2-4-1-3 Cuts: 3-4-2 My placing of the Bred Females is 2-4-1-3 Initially, there's a pair of females that hit me with the skeleton and build the firms seeking, but still have the bulk and feature to generate a sound yet powerful ...Read More