When Should I Start Using Sure Champ?

Recently, we’ve had a lot of people asking when they should start using Sure Champ. The answer is quite simple – as soon as your livestock go onto feed or as soon as your get them home after purchase. Transitioning animals onto a grain diet or the arrival of livestock to their new home can be stressful. Amaferm, found in Sure Champ and Vita Charge, helps improve digestive health and stimulates appetite especially in stressful situations. By including Sure Champ in your ration from the beginning you can make sure your livestock are on the right path of increased appetite, more bloom and freshness and improved digestive health. As with any supplement you will need to slowly introduce Sure Champ into the diet and work up to the recommended .25-.5 lb. or 1 lb. a day feeding, depending on the species.

We even have people that use Sure Champ in their Creep Feed.

A follow up questions is how long should I use Sure Champ? Since Sure Champ is a natural product, it should be used throughout the entire feeding period. As with most supplements it is important to feed for a minimum of 30 days to see full results. For those that are showing sheep, goats or heifers you may consider transitioning your females onto one of our VitaFerm minerals, after your show season is complete, to ensure you maximum reproductive performance of your livestock.

If you have nutrition questions please email champ@biozymeinc.com. To find a Sure Champ dealer near you click here.


Junior Spotlight: Logan Wright

Logan Wright“People who shine from within don’t need a spotlight”- anonymous. When I first met Logan I could quickly tell that this young man’s determination and work ethic were going to take him far. Logan is not one to ask for recognition or the spotlight to be aimed at him. He is a successful, humble young man that truly shines from within. We are excited to feature Logan as our Sure Champ Junior Spotlight. – Britney Creamer

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Logan Wright, I am 13 yrs. old and from Philippi, WV. I have been showing as a Jr. since 2011. I have a sister, Alexis, who shows along with me. We are very competitive with each other. I enjoy being able to exhibit at all levels, NJAS is one of my favorite shows. I have made friends from all over the U.S.

What species do you show and who has influenced you the most in your show career?

I show Angus cattle. I have several people who have influenced me in my show career; without each of them I wouldn’t be where I am today. I owe all of my success in the backdrop and showmanship to Tim Fitzgerald, Bob & Margaret Duprey of Cherry Knoll, Bruce and Amie Stertzbach of SCC, Andrew Foster & Seldom Rest, and Alan Miller of PVF- they have all influenced me to become the best I can be, and I can’t thank them enough. But, most of all my dad has influenced me the most. He always pushes me to strive for the best and without his support and hard work, I wouldn’t be able to compete at the level I am.

Logan Wright Champions

What is one of your favorite showring moments?

I just couldn’t pick one favorite – one of the best moments was when I won Grand-Champion Bred-and-Owned Bull at the NJAS with “Frogger”.  He was out of my very first show heifer, Sunny from SCC.

Winning Grand Champion Bull and Grand Champion Heifer at the Atlantic National made for an awesome day! I will never forget that moment.

Grand Champion Cow/Calf at the 2014 NJAS is also special. “Miss Kay” is one of a kind – she makes it all worth it. I also had Div. II calf champion with “J.J.”-  and class winner with T.K.  I had an awesome run this year at NJAS.

 Bootlegger & Logan

How has Sure Champ helped you achieve success in the showring?

Since we started using Sure Champ products, we have noticed a huge difference in the hair coat and appetite of the show cattle.  Our show heifers are more competitive in the showring.

What are your future plans?

Right now, I would like to be able to continue showing and be successful in the ring.  It’s always pretty cool to wait on a show heifer’s first calf and hopefully show as a bred and owned. I like to learn from the crews we have, and have the opportunity to help other kids one day.  As, for college plans- most likely something in the agriculture field.


Anything else you would like to add.

I would like to thank Sure Champ for giving me the opportunity to be in the Jr. Spotlight.  Without the support of my family and the farms we purchase our cattle from supporting me, I wouldn’t be able to be in the Winner’s Circle. I am truly lucky to be a part of some great teams.

July Best of the Web

Every month we get so many great pictures from our customers and dealers we want to make sure you got a chance to see them. You’ll see that all of our customers this month were hard at work making sure their animal’s nutrition was at it’s best. We hope you enjoy the pictures we have selected for this month.

Putting out mineral

The girls at Broken Road Cattle are caught in action putting out VitaFerm mineral to their cows!

Lindgren girl

West family show barn manager, Jason Lindgren’s daughter loves adding Sure Champ!


Thank you @ynot_2 for sending us this inspiration photo & congratulations on winning our photo of the day with this!

CYT Sammi

Thanks CYT for capturing this photo with showman Sammi Schrag showing in the Sure Champ ring at Shorthorn Junior National!

Priest Farms

“All of our calves that we pull to doctor get Vita Charge Drench, and the calves go to the feed bunk quicker since we’ve started using it!” Thank you Priest Cattle Company for sending in this photo and quote from Manager Salvador Martinez.

Send your photos to champ@biozymeinc.com or tag us on your social media and you may see your picture in next months best of the web!

Show Steer Toys For Kids

Toy Show SteerThose that show cattle have to admit we have an intense interest and love for anything that embraces the stock show life. That is exactly how I felt the first time I saw Sarah Wray’s show steer toys. Sarah grew up in the purebred cattle industry and a large majority of her youth was spent participating within the stock show circuits and 4-H. Now, as a mom, her own children, nieces and nephews have become interested in showing. Like many stock show kids their interest reaches far beyond the showring or barn. Stock show kids are known to try and incorporate the stock show life into every aspect of their lives because of their passion for the industry. That usually includes turning mom’s living room carpet into pastures for pretend show heifers.

Sarah’s children are much the same way and she grew increasing frustrated with the selection of cattle toys. Sarah says, “I saw friends of my children who were interested in horses and dressage have amazing toys readily available, which met the standards of their passion. And I couldn’t find a single cow that fit the bill.  That’s how The Stock Show Toy Co. was born.  They say invention is the product of necessity, and in this case, it couldn’t be more true!”

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Junior Spotlight: Cole Wilcox

It takes determination, dedication and countless hours spent in the show barn to be successful in the with one specie of livestock- let alone two. Cole Wilcox has seen more success than many juniors can dream of showing cattle and hogs. But, you will not find a more humble young man that continues to have passion for the livestock industry. – Kinzie Selke, Sure Champ Intern

Tell us about yourself. 

cole wilcox

Hi my name is Cole Wilcox. I’m 16 years old and from Bedford, Indiana. Son of John and Trisha Wilcox and brother to Kate Wilcox. I’m a sophomore at Bedford North Lawrence High School. I enjoy playing football showing livestock, livestock judging and hanging out with friends.

What do you show and who has been your biggest influence in the show ring?

I show both calves and pigs. I have showed cattle for seven years and pigs for three years. In the cattle industry the person that has had the most influence on my show career is my mom and dad. They are always there when I need help and have always helped me to become a better person.

In the pig industry, Travis Platt has had the biggest impact on my show career he is the one who has pushed me to do bigger and better things and is always by my side in the showring.

What is your favorite show ring memory?

My favorite show ring memory is winning Grand Barrow at Indiana State Fair with a Duroc and Willie Kirkpatrick saying “when ever they unloaded this one they brought a cannon to a knife fight’’ and moments later slapped “Gunner” on his back.

grand barrow isf cole

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Nutrition Program for Reproductive Success in Goats

Goat Nutrition While cutting edge goat research may leave producers desiring more information there is a lot of applied ruminant research that can certainly help us answer important questions. One question that is commonly asked is “Which VitaFerm product should I be using to maximize reproductive success in my does”?  The question becomes even more important as technology investments into AI and embryo transplant greatly increase the financial risk associated with a failed pregnancy. BioZyme nutrionist, Kevin Glaubius took the time to answer these questions.

In regards to which product is best, one must understand some basic nutrition principles.  There is a hierarchy of nutrient use in every animal. Energy, protein, calcium, phosphorus and trace minerals, like copper and zinc, are applied according to this hierarchy to meet to the requirements for certain bodily functions first. At the top is basic maintenance functions to support daily life and immune function. Then any excess can be used for the additional functions such as fetal development, growth, lactation, reproduction and fattening.  Reproduction is really not impacted until most other needs are met. Therefore to impact reproduction you must first meet animal needs for maintenance, growth, fetal development (when bred), and lactation.

It is also important to note that a single nutrient deficiency can stop success at any stage.  Your ration may be perfectly balanced for 24 of 25 nutrients, but the one that is limiting will determine the ultimate response by the animal. The goal is to provide an adequate and balanced supply of all nutrients. Macronutrients such as energy, protein, calcium and phosphorus are required in the largest amounts and meeting the requirements for those nutrients will be the bulk of the ration. That does not mean that vitamins and trace minerals are not important. In fact they are very important, but if you feed a great mineral package but yet are short on energy or protein you will be disappointed with your overall reproductive success.

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