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5 Ways I Still Use Livestock Judging in My Career

by Tim Hammerich, AgGrad When I was a nine year old 4-H member my dad convinced me that I needed to learn how to judge livestock. He seemed convinced it was my only chance of playing a college “sport”. Turns out he was right, but what I got out of livestock judging was so much more than that. […]

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How to Clip the Head, Ears and Underline of Your Show Pig

Proper nutrition, hair and skin care and exercise are important to getting your show pig prospect ready for the next show. But don’t forget about clipping your pig. Clipping your pig can change the pig’s appearance and accentuate its muscularity, leanness and balance. Once you clip the body of your show pig next you need […]

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The Importance of Weighing Your Feed

You’ve probably heard it a time or two, but doing the simple things right is the fastest way to reach your goal. A lot of decisions go into what you are going to feed your show animals. So, when you dump that bucket of feed into the pan or trough morning and night, you want […]

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