15 Cute & Easy Ponytails

Keeping your hair off of your face in the barn or the ring is a must, but sometimes a basic ponytail just won't do. We have searched the web and gathered picture tutorials for 15 cute and easy ponytails to get you through the summer! Braided Ponytail Hairstyle Section out the front portion of hair to be braided. Smooth and style the rest of your hair to keep it out of the way of the braid. Braid the front portion of hair and then put the braided hair around the ponytail base. Use hairspray to smooth any fly-aways.   Low Knotted ...Read More

Mark That Card :: Market Lamb Results

Market Lambs Official Results Provided by, Kyle Wood, University of Kentucky 3-1-24 Cuts: 2-5-5 I like the Market Lambs 3-1-2-4 I am quick to sort up a top pair of stout, muscular built ewes. I prefer the body shape and lines of the gray tinged, thin hided sheep to start. Here is the biggest racked ewe that is the best in her forerib shape and in terms of topline, I like this one the best in her loin. Now, what makes the top close is the hip and hind leg design in tandem with her extra length and body found in the stout skulled, ...Read More

A Good Thing Growing :: Recycling Empty Tubs

Spring is officially in full swing and summer is right around the corner, which means it’s peak season to start your gardening projects. You might not know where to get started, but it is easier than you think! You can start with something you already have in your barn - VitaFerm Power Tubs or Vita Charge Stress Tubs!  Here are some great tips from Lindsay Sankey, blogger at “Jeans Boots Are Made for Talking” on how to get started. Converting the Power Tubs into a raised garden has been one of my favorite projects we’ve taken on since buying the farm, for several ...Read More

2016 Livestock Judging Camps

Livestock judging camps are a great way to practice your livestock evaluation skills and reasons during the summer by learning from some of the best collegiate livestock teams and industry professionals in the nation. Here is a list of judging camps at various universities and junior colleges throughout the summer, as well as links for more information and registration forms: Oklahoma State University OSU Livestock Judging Camp: June 20-22 or June 23-25 Big 3 Field Days: July 19-21 Livestock Judging Camp contact: Blake Bloomberg or Rusty Goss Texas Tech Livestock Judging Camps: May 27-29 or June 12-14 Livestock Judging Camp ...Read More

The Key to Investing Your Winnings

The grand champion drive has ended, and you are taking home the big purple banner. A big paycheck accompanies the banner, and your winnings are enough to make your friends green with envy. What should you do with your show winnings? Is a simple deposit into your community bank enough or should you look for long-term investment options that will maximize that big check – and help you prepare for the future? Winning a livestock show premium can be life changing, according to Mark Sullivan. Sullivan is a financial advisor and wealth brokerage specialist who works to help people reach ...Read More

Showbox Secrets for Success :: Seldom Rest Farms

Sharing a showbox after having one of your own is kind of like living together after getting married. You each have things you can’t live without and probably just as much that could be tossed out. Andrew and Emilee (Kottkamp) Foster were raised in and around the show ring. The couple manages Seldom Rest Farms in southwestern Michigan and focus on raising Angus show heifers. They market their cattle in the Angus Connection Sale and in an online sale at the end of March. The Fosters want to raise show prospects for juniors that can compete at major shows. As ...Read More