The Drive to Succeed

By, Christy Lee Couch, Excerpt from DRIVE Magazine Article High school can be brutal. The pressure to fit in. Deadlines, practices and schedules galor. And, let’s not forget the dances, parties and friends. Sometimes, it can be tough to find balance, and to set the priorities to reach your goals with your livestock projects. Kyle Coyler, Bruenau, Idaho; AJ Lewis, Center Point, Iowa; Kathryn Kelly, College Station, Texas; and Derick Miller, Seagraves, Texas, have been there. They made the tough decisions in high school, often sacrificing what was “popular” in the eyes of their friends to reach amazing goals in ...Read More

Successful Horn Fly Control Using IGR

Horn flies are one of the most economically important pests of domestic cattle and cause billions of dollars of damage and loss to the cattle industry each year. Horn flies are small (3/16 inch long), dark gray flies that feed on cattle and occasionally horses.  Both sexes are blood feeders, taking 20 or more blood meals each day with their stiff needle-like mouthparts.  Irritations from the bites annoy animals and occasionally, the wounds may become infected. Studies have shown that horn flies have their greatest effect on growing animals. They can be involved in causing “blind quarters” and reducing milk intake ...Read More

Recipes from the Ranch: Better the Next Day

By, Alise Nolan, The Ranch Kitchen Warmer weather makes our family look forward to grilling and smoking outside more than ever. With the cold, long winter most of us have had this year and a few short warm snaps, nothing sounds better than a steak grilled over an open flame and being able to sit outside without wearing a coat! We grill and use our smoker quite a bit at our ranch when the weather warms up and especially when we go camping. There are not many things better than a steak after a long day on the lake or ...Read More

With So Many Options…How do You Boost?

By, Jason Lackey, Sure Champ Swine Specialist Liquid Boost is quite possibly the most versatile product we’ve ever produced, as it is easy to administer for any situation. With all the same great benefits as the original Vita Charge® line, its liquid make up makes it a perfect show product for all species and also great in pig nurseries or show barns that have medicators. How can you use Liquid Boost? See what others are doing. TOP-DRESS If animals are eating aggressively, you can top-dress Liquid Boost during feeding time. It is highly palatable and works to stimulate appetite the ...Read More

Stock Show University Summer Internship Opportunity

Late May - Late July Located in Dunlap, Iowa Paid Internship Fun Work Environment Exciting Travel Opportunities Expand Industry Connections Stock Show University is offering a summer internship open to college-aged students excited to work in a fast paced work environment. From late spring grad programs to the summer junior national run, the selected applicant will have a chance to work behind the scenes with Stock Show University, the industry leading educational clinic. Seeking a hard working, well organized, people person that can multi-task and work well with many different personalities. Knowledge of the show cattle industry and Sullivan Supply ...Read More

Hogs Raise Kids

By, Allie Doise Over 1,000 exhibitors gathered at the Lamar Dixon Exposition Center the last weekend in February for the annual LSU State Livestock Show. As usual, the barn was full of more than just showmen. It was full of families; dads, moms, sisters, brothers, grandparents, cousins, etc. In the swine barn, there was a banner hanging that read, “livestock families raise winners.” Little did anyone know, the conclusion of this show would prove just that. The swine show concludes with the grand drive on Saturday afternoon. Like any other show, it was intense. Kids and families work year-round, spending ...Read More