Recipes from the Ranch: Sweet Treats for Your Sweetheart

By, Alise Nolan, The Ranch Kitchen Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and who doesn’t love home baked sweets this time of the year? For years, my baking revolved around my daughter’s school parties like Valentine’s Day. Back in the good old days you could still take homemade sweets to school in Texas! This month I chose to share with you a few of our favorite desserts we make around our house and especially during stock show season in Texas. Our final show for January was in Fort Worth or Cowtown as it’s known throughout the south. It was ...Read More

Lactation vs Gestation Feeds for Sows

  by Jason Lackey, Sure Champ Swine Specialist As we begin putting sows in crates, every producer is always hopeful for the same thing —  a big, healthy litter. During this time, many will inquire about the differences in nutrition and if it is necessary or important to switch sow feed from a gestation to lactation ration when those sows are moved in. YES. Gestation and lactation feed both provide the basic nutrition that your sow needs to maintain her working condition.  However, the lactation ration provides a few more advantages that help with allowing your litters to thrive and grow well.   Increased energy and fiber ...Read More

Show Ring Lessons Pave the Way for Career

By, Rhonda McMurry Warren Mayberry is an ambassador for his company. As a governmental affairs director for DuPont, he is a fixture in State Capitols, industry conventions, socials and networking events. His territory covers seven states and he works diligently to connect with people in various levels of influence to promote the business of DuPont. How did Mayberry learn the work ethic needed to tow the company line, be on point and be tolerant of others wherever he goes? Mayberry credits his ability to deliver meaningful work for the world’s third largest chemical company, in part, to his days showing ...Read More

Wearable and Warm Winter Fashion

  When hitting the winter stock shows it’s essential that your wardrobe keep you dry and toasty above all else. We’ve found some pieces that meet the function criteria while also being fun and fashionable. BOGS Rubber Boots If you’ve been looking for a pair of waterproof warm boots – look no further! The BOGS brand will have something for your needs. We specifically like the pair below that incorporates the herringbone pattern. Shop Here Ski Pants Nope…not just for your trip to the slopes! Ski Pants offer insulation as well as a waterproof and easy-to-clean outer surface. They are ...Read More

Mark That Card: Gelbvieh Bulls Judging Class

  Below is additional information to help you in placing the class. Scroll to the bottom for the official class results.       Gelbvieh Bulls Official Results Provided by, Brandon Callis, Redlands Community College 3-2-4-1   Cuts: 3-5-3 I place the class of Gelbvieh bulls 3241. Finding a top pair of higher quality bulls; 3’s added muscle and masculinity make him my pick to win. He’s the bigger bodied, more rugged bull who offers more shape and dimension. The high milk bull also reads functional in the angles to his joints. Now, 2 is the extended, nice profiling bull but when compared ...Read More

Recipes from the Ranch: Cold Weather Comfort Food

By, Alise Nolan, The Ranch Kitchen Happy New Year! It is hard to believe it’s 2015. I can remember thinking how ‘old’ my husband and I would be at this point, and honestly it’s looking younger every day! What a fun year it’s been and I am truly looking forward to the one ahead. January is one of my favorite times of the year around our ranch. It’s a busy time for us with the Fort Worth Stock Show in full swing the last two weekends of the month. We are all pretty crazy with work, school and especially that ...Read More