National Junior Angus Show to Broadcast Live

One of the largest single breed junior nationals, the National Junior Angus Show, is finally here and we are excited to announce that we will be working with Walton Webcasting to bring you live coverage of the entire show. The Sure Champ team consisting of Cody Sankey, Britney Creamer and summer intern, Laramie Priest, will be on hand commentating the showring competition with Walton Webcasting staff. The showring competition begins Wednesday July 6 and we will continue to cover the show all the way to through the Grand Drive of the Owned show on Saturday July 12.

Live Coverage


Junior Nationals: An Opportunity of a Lifetime

It seems as though the months of June and July are filled with posts about Junior National preparation, the journey to the show and the highlights and memories made while at the event. For those that have never attended an event such as the National Junior Shows this may seem like a lot of hype for a week long event, so we took the time to ask those both young and old that have attended why they love junior nationals and the importance of the event to them and families from across the United States.

“I like attending Junior Nationals because it is one of the few times each year that we get to see some of our friends. We all have our friends at home, but no one understands our passion for our animals like our stock show friends, and that mutual passion brings us all together only a couple times a year. Spending time with these great people and having a little friendly competition  in the showring is what brings us all together as a stock show family.” – Mia Higgins, TN

Mia Higgins Jr Board


Creep Feed Options

 Creep Feed   Now is the time to begin thinking about your creep feed rations. At BioZyme we offer three different products that can be incorporated with feedstuffs found at your local mill to create a complete ration, and a fourth product that can be incorporated into any pre-forumulated/bagged creep feed.

Our wide variety of proven products help keep your cattle healthy and efficient. All VitaFerm® products contain the Amaferm advantage, which increases the digestibility of feed and improves digestive health, allowing for more efficient gains.

SURE CHAMP Proven in the showring, but works equally as well in creep feed to help maintain the strong appetite and healthy digestive system needed to unlock the genetic potential of your calves. Contains high levels of essential micronutrients for the extra bloom that show and sale cattle require.

VITAFERM SURE POWER 37 A high protein and macro minerals pellet that is a great fit for building today’s modern creep feeds. Contains moderate levels of essential micronutrients to ensure animal performance. Use it alone for commercial calf creeps or together with Sure Champ to build high performance show and creep rations.

SURE START PAC PELLET The ideal supplement for stressed cattle during weaning. This pellet also works extremely well as a creep balancer, bringing high levels of vitamins and minerals when additional protein is not needed. Works well in distillers and corn gluten-based creep feeds.

AMAFERM DIGEST MORE A low inclusion way to supplement Amaferm in any diet. At the feeding rate of 0.5 ounces, Digest More provides 2 grams of Amaferm. Digest More is best suited when additional protein, vitamins, and minerals are not required.

Click here to view the several creep feed rations that our nutritionists have developed using these products. If you don’t see what you need please email or give us a call and we’ll customize a program to your specific needs.

“Not only did we see a 50-75 lb. improvement in gains on our calves by adding Amaferm Digest More to our creep feed, but the overall health of our calves was much better compared to previous years. At weaning we continued to use the new creep feed formula. The noticeable difference in gain continued and we didn’t have any sick calves. We would definitely recommend Amaferm to other cattlemen.” - KEVIN EATHINGTON, Eathington Angus | Illinois 


June Best of the Web

Every month we get so many great pictures from our customers and dealers we want to make sure you got a chance to see them. This month was especially hard to pick our favorites with so many events going on, but we hope you enjoy the few we have posted below.

Screenshot 2014-06-30 14.11.40

Olivia Caldwell showing off her Sure Champ koozie featuring her testimonial “Feeding for the backdrop with Sure Champ…it just makes sense!” at the 2014 World Pork Expo in Iowa!

Shannon Cook

Thanks Shannon Cook for posting this picture of Brynna Herndon and Kennedy Vanzant  putting out Vita Charge Stress Tubs!


Meet the Judges: Shorthorn Junior Nationals

Shorthorn Junior Nationals are off to a great start. We are excited to introduce you to more of the judges in Louisville this week. Brigham Stewart and Jeff Gooden are the judges for the 2014 Shorthorn Junior Nationals.
Brigham Stewart is a sixth generation stockman from Washington, Kansas, where he was born and raised. He attended Butler Community College on a Livestock Judging Scholarship and continued his education at Kansas State University where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science and Industry.  He was a member of both school’s livestock judging teams and ended his judging career by winning High Individual at Louisville (NAILE) and setting a reasons record there as well.  His passion for judging has put him in several positions of judging many shows, including Junior shows in Louisville (NAILE) and Kansas City (American Royal). He now resides on the family farm/ranch and enjoys the farm life.
He along with his family operate a diversified farm and a large cow/calf operation with three annual auctions. The family operation better known as Mid Continent Farms runs over 1,000 head of momma cows and registers cattle in 6 different breeds. They have produced numerous State Fair and Major Show Champions over the last several years.
Jeff Gooden is the herdsman for Circle A Ranch in Iberia, Missouri. He currently oversees the registered operation, and he is in charge of developing 400 purebred Angus bulls for two sales. They artificial inseminate each of their 750 cows at least once and aggressively use embryo transfer.
Jeff was voted as Herdsman of the Year in 1994 for the Angus breed and in 2000 was voted Manager of the Year at the All American Angus Futurity. He has also fitted the show heifer and the show bull of the year.
Jeff and his wife, Amy, live in Iberia with their two children, Madison, 19, and Reed, 14. His children are highly active in the Angus and Hereford breeds.
Be sure to tune into to watch the shows live. A schedule for the shows can be found here.

Meet the Judges: Chi & Maine Junior Nationals

Juniors showing at the 2014 Maine & Chi Junior Nationals will be evaluated by a group of elite individuals – Cody Sankey, Randy Mullinix, Jack Ward, and Scott Bush.

Cody Sankey – Maine Steers, Bulls & Fullbloods

Cody Sankey currently lives in Economy, Ind., with his wife Lindsay where they raise registered Angus and Hereford cattle. He is also an Area Sales Manager for Biozyme, Inc.

Cody received his bachelor’s degree in animal science and his master’s degree in ruminant nutrition from Oklahoma State University. While at Oklahoma State, he was a member of their 2001 National Champion Livestock Judging Team.

Prior to moving to Indiana, Cody was the manager of the Michigan State University Beef Cattle Center for eight years and livestock judging team coach for two years.

As a fifth generation cattleman, he grew up on the Sankey 6N Ranch in Council Grove, Kan. This purebred cattle operation is owned and operated by the Sankey family. His family has the second oldest Angus herd in the United States, with over 110 years in the registered Angus business.

Cody is still very involved in his family’s operation.

Randy Mullinix – Bred & Owned Maine Anjou; Owned MaineTainer

Randy Mullinix was born and raised on a diversified grain and cattle operation in Woodbine, Md.

Mullinix attended Black Hawk East and Kansas State University and graduated in 1998. He was a member of the 1997 National Champion Livestock Judging team at K-State.

Randy currently resides in Toulon, Ill., where he and wife, Jamie, have owned and operated Purple Reign Cattle Co., since 1999. Their main focus is producing elite Hereford seedstock. They have raised numerous national champions and been recognized over 30 times as premier breeder at national Hereford events.

Randy has served as a judge in 35 states including national events in multiple breeds.

Jack Ward – Bred & Owned MaineTainer; Owned Maine Anjou

Jack Ward is the Chief Operations Officer and Director of Breed Improvement for the American Hereford Association located in Kansas City, Mo.

Ward received his associate degree from Black Hawk East and his bachelors degree in Ag Economics from Purdue University.

Ward is the third generation in the purebred livestock business and his wife, Mary Ann, and two sons, Cameron and Carter, still run around 25 registered cows. Ward’s sons are very active in 4-H and junior livestock organizations.

Ward has judged livestock shows for over 25 years on the local, state and national level throughout the United States and in foreign countries.

Scott Bush – National Junior Chianina Show

Judging the 2014 Chianina Junior National Show is Mr. Scott Bush of South Dakota.

In 1992, after graduating from SDSU, Scott returned to the family farm in Britton, SD, as the fourth generation where he partners in the family business with his dad, Jim. This year Bush Angus celebrates their 86th year in the Angus Cattle Seedstock business. Registered Angus are the only cattle found on their farm. The herd has remained closed since the beginning and no outside females have been added.

Bush Angus hosts their annual bull sale the last Saturday in February. 2015 will mark the 41st annual sale.

Scott enjoys showing and judging cattle around the United States and has had the opportunity to judge in Brazil. Bush Angus has received numerous honors in the show arena, most recently 2014 Grand Champion Pen of Bulls at the National Western Stock Show.

Scott and his wife Jo live on the family farm in Britton. They have two children, Brittany and Tyler. Brittany is a sophomore at SDSU in Brookings and Tyler is a sophomore at Britton Hecla High School. Both children enjoy showing cattle and are actively involved in state and national Angus activities.

We are excited that will be broadcasting the shows throughout the event.