Women Who Make It Work

By, Mollie Lastovica There’s nothing quite like motherhood. No matter the lady, moms just have a tendency to double as heroes - balancing everything perfectly to keep their families on track daily without skipping a beat. Stock show moms are in a class of their own, not only managing day-to-day routines, chores and activities, but somehow also finding time to lend a hand with the animals and farm work too. For Lucy Guyer and Vicky Stohlquist, this is all in a day’s work. Both full-time farmers and moms in Illinois, the two lend a hand in farm operations from farrowing ...Read More

Do I Need to Feed Salt to My Cattle?

Our VitaFerm mineral labels often say in the feeding instructions to offer additional salt. Beef cattle do have a requirement for salt and in most of the formulations we strive to meet the basic need. However, not all of the products contain salt and with those products producers should always feed additional salt. Examples include our protein tubs and Concept Aid 0/S. When feeding our core products that contain salt it is slightly more difficult to ask the question “Do I need to feed salt?” In some areas, the products are consumed at recommended levels without supplementing additional salt. In other areas, ...Read More

Grass Tetany Awareness and Prevention

Following a rough, cold winter, it seems that spring is finally arriving. Temperatures are on the rise, many parts of the country are finally beginning to receive rain, and pastures are beginning to green. For most of us this is a welcomed event that leads to less time in the calving barn, reduced time feeding and a few more hours of sleep. But as many cattlemen and our nutritionist, Kevin Glaubius, have pointed out, it is a very crucial time for producers to be aware of and prevent a condition known as grass tetany or wheat pasture poisoning. Grass tetany ...Read More

Asking Questions Doesn’t Make You a Fool…

By, Jackie Lackey The Chinese Proverb reads, “He who asks a questions remains a fool for five minutes. He who does not ask remains a fool forever.” This concept, however, can be difficult for a generation who has been rewarded for answering questions correctly rather than asking the right questions (thank you standardized testing). It’s unfortunate as one could argue that asking questions is the single most important habit to move you forward in your education, career and life. Insecurities and intimidation of feeling like a fool often seal our mouths closed when they should, in fact, be just the ...Read More

Mark That Card: Breeding Ewe Class Results

Breeding Ewes Official Results Provided by, Ben Williams, Hutchinson Community College 1-3-4-2   Cuts: 2-2-5 My ranking of the wether dams is 1342. I initially find a challenging, yet incredibly high quality trio of sheep with unique production strengths. Ultimately, I land on the overwhelming presence and look of 1 to win. The sheep who is the most alert in her head carriage, ties her neck highest into the topside of her shoulder, from there back, the ultra-level, square made ewe is the most attractive in her hip and hind leg assembly. Finally, she blends all of this with a correct body ...Read More

Jr. Spotlight: Vivienne Hasenbeck

Vivienne Hasenbeck is an impressive, young lady with an extensive resume and big dreams. She is a senior at Elgin High School and is currently running for State FFA Officer in Oklahoma and preparing for a new adventure as a freshman at Oklahoma State University. Thanks to encouragement from her Grandma Jo, Vivienne has developed a passion for music and has been a member of the State FFA Chorus for the past three years. When listening to her talk with such passion about her involvement in FFA, music and showing livestock it is obvious that there is one thing that ...Read More