Scholarships for Agriculture Students

Scholarships are a great way to cover costs for educational expenses inside and out of the classroom so you don't rack up those student loans.  There are a ton of opportunities available, if you're willing to look. Let’s help get you started. Here are a few places we suggest looking for scholarships within your community and nationwide: Local organizations like Farm Bureau, 4-H and FFA chapters, etc. Local businesses and employers Through your high school or university: School guidance counselor, career services office, alumni association, etc. Free, credible websites such as County or state fairs Here are also a few ...Read More

Classy Trailer Designs: Creating Art

Late at night, when her husband and two-year-old boy are snug in their beds dreaming, Jill Skinner works to make her dreams come true by creating beautiful jewelry. She gathers turquoise and metals from her favorite dealers to create unique, custom pieces for her clients. Every piece is different, and several are one of a kind. Her hand-crafted items are special, popular as gifts and the growing number of orders keeps Skinner awake at night. But she doesn’t mind. Skinner owns The Classy Trailer, a jewelry business in her hometown of Napa Valley, California. She began making a few fun ...Read More

Mark That Card: Simmental Heifers

Simmental Heifers Official Results Provided by, Blake Bloomberg, Oklahoma State University 1-2-4-3  Cuts: 4-4-7 I like the Simmental Heifers 1-2-4-3. It’s hard not to tie into the combination of look and cow power I find in the 1 female to win. Not only is she long necked and attractive, but here’s one that puts it together with class leading advantages in body, width and power. Even more impressive is that the bigger footed heifer combines this power while still being plenty flexible and sound at the ground. Now, if I were tying into one from the side, I certainly wouldn’t look past ...Read More

Recipes from the Ranch: A Little Sugar & A Little Spice

By, Alise Nolan, The Ranch Kitchen During December my daughter Bethany and I tried a few new recipes and added our own flair to them. She recently came across a recipe and it reminded her of her days in Aggieland when she loved a similar dish from their favorite taco restaurant. We recreated this recipe giving it our own additions while dubbing it Sure Champ's Southwestern Burrito Bowl. We added our own special changes on two separate evenings to this fun and filling dish. This rice, bean, corn with onion all in one pot meal was made in large batches so ...Read More

Preparing Livestock for the Show: Weight Management

By, Josh Brockman What's the right thing to do? That's a question I ask myself for every situation when it comes to livestock, but it’s especially true when it comes to feeding and preparing for a show from a weight standpoint. The first and most important factor to consider is to “Get a Plan” and “Get a Plan Early”. No matter what specie it is, waiting until the end to weigh, and then trying to pull back and hold or to play catch up on weight gain makes the struggle more difficult. The following is a protocol I try to constantly ...Read More

Giving Kids Responsibility Through Livestock

Who says showing livestock teaches responsibility? Well, most everyone does. Moms, dads, grandparents and ag teachers all share the sentiment that taking care of animals and exhibiting them in the ring is an exceptionally educational experience. What follows, either selling the animal for harvest or breeding them to produce another champion, is also a tremendous learning experience. But there are many expert opinions and research studies that prove the value of showing livestock. Here are several to glean from. The Benefit of Chores Feeding, rinsing, brushing and exercising/walking are essential parts of show life. This work at home can make ...Read More