Managing Heat Stress

by Kevin Glaubius, VitaFerm® Director of Nutrition and Technical Sales Support Heat stress impacts the performance of cattle with millions of dollars of annual economic losses. Animal responses to heat stress include reduced dry matter intake, decreased average daily gain, decreased milk yield, decreased fertility and poor reproduction. As Figure 1 reflects, the degree of heat stress is commonly estimated by temperature-humidity indexes. Some have hypothesized that it is not just the extent of heat stress alone that affects animals, but also the duration of the heat stress. This is supported by anecdotal evidence from the field, where it is ...Read More

Mark That Card: Breeding Does Class Results

  Breeding Does Official Results Provided by, Brant Poe, Texas A&M University 1-3-2-4   Cuts: 2-5-2 I like the breeding does 1324. There’s definitely an elite pair of powerful brood doe prospects, but I personally lean towards the extra look and extension of the painted doe to win. This big footed, flat shouldered female is neater chested and longer necked. Plus the longer bodied doe’s attractive hip and hind leg completes her high caliber profile. Now, I like the body dimension and broody build of the doe in 2nd, and she’s by far the stoutest of the 4. But with that, I’d ...Read More

A Family Affair: Bar A Cattle Company

By, Mollie Lastovica While there are many competitive activities that embody support, encouragement and mentorship for families, it can be argued that none other than showing livestock are a true family affair. From completing daily chores, prepping for and getting to a show, rejoicing in a win or regrouping after a tough loss - it’s the involvement from every member of the family that makes the time, money and work invested all worthwhile. Such is the case at Bar A Cattle Company in Schulenburg, Texas, where Dave and Becky Allan and their children - Tyler (age 14), Mason (age 11) ...Read More

Ask a Nutritionist: Can I Use Sure Champ on Baby Lambs?

Q: We have a one week old lamb that is having some troubles getting going. Can we use Sure Champ® on him?  A: Sure Champ Sheep can be started at any time, but I’m afraid a young lamb will not eat enough to get the benefit of the Amaferm® found in Sure Champ. Instead, I would recommend using the Vita Charge® Paste. Vita Charge contains no added copper so it can be used in sheep, as well as pigs, goats and cattle. You can give your lamb the recommended 5 ml dose at any time. I would try twice a day ...Read More

Mentor Contest Winning Entries

  The livestock industry is filled with amazing, selfless people who generously donate their time to others. In an effort to help recognize all of those who we hold dear to our hearts for their commitment to making a difference, we asked our customers and followers to submit a photo and comment about their mentor. Below are some of the favorite entries we received. Each of these mentors will be receiving a special gift from as a thank you from Sure Champ and the student that nominated them. Submission by Jenny Keyes: Mel caught a picture of me helping Grandpa to ...Read More

2015 Oklahoma Youth Expo Champion Videos

Sure Champ is a proud supporter of the 100th Anniversary of the Oklahoma Youth Expo (OYE). OYE is the largest youth livestock show in the world, and every year we are even more impressed with the quality of kids and livestock. Continue to check back as we add more Grand Drive videos from this week's show. And be sure to check out the Sure Champ Facebook page as we post candids from the show ring. The Grand Drive Finale will be posted soon, so be sure to stop back by to check them out.