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If I am Using the Vita Charge Stress Tub, Do I Still Need Sure Champ?

One of the questions we get asked the most from our cattle customers is if they still needed to be top dressing with Sure Champ Cattle if they were using the Vita Charge Stress Tub with MOS. Kevin Glaubius, BioZyme Director of Nutrition says the answer is YES! These two products have two different purposes. Sure Champ has a long-standing […]

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Spick and Span :: Disinfect your Barn for Preventative Maintenance

Livestock exhibitors across much of the country have just wrapped up another year with their livestock projects, while in other regions young exhibitors are just thinking about buying their next set of animals for winter shows. Before you introduce any new livestock into your barn, make sure you have properly cleaned and disinfected it to […]

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It All Starts With Good Help and a Great Mineral

In an era when fads come and go and trends change with the seasons, Greg Beatty believes in keeping the basics of livestock nutrition at the core of his feeding program. Beatty Club Lambs, located in Indiana, Pennsylvania, flushes about 30 ewes in the late summer and fall, prioritizing a flush program to generate consistency […]

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