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Moms Know Best

Show moms from the show cattle industry share tips about everything you should know about feeding, show supplies, at the home, and at the show for beginners.

Show Mom Perspective: Simplicity is Key for Equipping New Cattle Exhibitors

It takes a lot of time and practice to be successful at anything you want to succeed in, and for the Glover family of Elgin, Okla., raising and showing cattle is their “sport” of choice. Jamie and Dustin Glover run about 500 cows, working to raise top-quality show steer and heifer prospects to sell across the U.S. And, when they aren’t working with their herd, they can be found in the show barn helping their kids, son Tommy, 14, and daughter Taylor, 10, working on their next set of show prospects.

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The Science Behind Feeding for Success: Consistency & Simplicity
Feeding your show livestock is part of a daily routine. But did you know there is a science behind that routine? It might seem convenient to feed your livestock twice a day, approximately 12 hours apart, but that routine plays
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From Natural Grazers to the Show Ring: What you Need to Know about your Animals’ Health
If you are even somewhat familiar with the Bible or early American History, you’ll likely notice an absence of mention of livestock shows and expositions. However, Psalm 50:10, does mention “cattle on a thousand hills” and we know that Spanish
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How Three Clicks Can Help Lead to Improved Health
Good health starts in the gut. If your digestive tract is healthy, the rest of your body should be healthy, and that is true for humans and animals alike. However, you don’t always have control over your environment, what or
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Going the Distance: How to Haul Long Distances and Keep your Show Cattle Healthy
When you have a passion for your industry, you’ll go to great lengths to make sure you are an active participant. Even if that means driving 20 to 30 hours across the country with a load of animals to show
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Tips to Control Body Temps in Adverse Weather
From an outsider looking in, the life of a show animal might seem pretty pampered. Two healthy meals per day, unlimited fresh water, a nice bed to lay on that is generally cleaned up on a regular basis, typically in
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How to Handle Your Show Stock in Summer Heat
Summer heat can be tough on show livestock – or any livestock for that matter. Heat stress causes increased respiration rate, suppressed appetite, fatigue and dehydration, all signs of a lowered immune response. When we think about these traits and
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Daily Care

How to Maximize the Space in your Trailer
Packing a trailer for a show can feel like a life-size version of Tetris. You have a limited amount of space with a long list of show supplies, equipment and feed that you and your livestock will need when you
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Good Health Begins with Digestive Health
Change is never easy on your calf’s health. Any time you change its environment, feeding program or routine, it is likely to get a little stressed out. And that stress impacts its gut health, which can lead to bigger health
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Six Tips to Getting your Show Calf Project Started
You’ve searched high and low for your ideal show calf project, and finally found “the one.” Now, you’re ready to bring your calf to your barn and get it on feed. But, you aren’t really sure where to begin. Jessie
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Ryan Evans Ryan Evans

My name is Ryan Evans from Midland, Texas, I was privileged enough to win Back to Back reserve breed champion Polled Hereford at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo in 2017 and 2018. From the time I put my polled Herefords on feed they are started on Sure Champ Pellets, Vita Charge Stress Tubs, Vita Charge Paste and during the hot Texas summer I use Vita Charge Climate Control. I truly appreciate the BioZyme products for helping me achieve my goals.”


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