Vita Charge Products


Use: When weaning, showing, breeding, vaccination and transportation.

Vita Charge® combines essential vitamins, organic trace minerals and Amaferm® to support microbial health during times of stress. using Vita Charge® with the Amaferm® advantage creates measurable improvement in the appetites, health and performance of stressed animals.

  • Accelerated appetite
  • Increased dry matter intake
  • Speedy recovery from weaning, shipping and stress
  • Improved animal health
  • Increased average daily gain


Vita Charge Liquid Boost Group
Vita Charge® Liquid Boost
Suitable for all species. A convenient liquid supplement to mix with water for use during ...Read More
Vita Charge® Bolus
Administer to calves weighing under 350 lbs. to help jump start the digestive tract following ...Read More
Vita Charge Gel Cap
Vita Charge® Gel Capsule
For animals weight more than 450 lbs. Helps stimulate and maintain normal rumen function to ...Read More
vita-charge-paste (1)
Vita Charge® Paste
Adjustments in formula allow for multi-species use to get animals back on feed during times ...Read More
Vita Charge® Dispersible Powder
Formulated for mixing with oral drenches or milk replacer, or as a top-dressing on feed.
Vita Charge Drench
Vita Charge® Drench
Designed to facilitate the processing of large numbers of cattle. Easy to use.
Vita Charge® Stress Tub
Allows livestock to conveniently get their daily dose of Vita Charge® in a pen setting.