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Class Champion, Carley Morgan
Class Champion
2019 National Junior Santa Gerturdis Show
Shown by Carley Morgan
Dalton Barger
Grand Champion Market Steer
2019 Breckinridge County Fair
Shown by Dalton Barger
Lucas_Grand-Champion-Steer-2019 copy
Grand Champion Market Steer
2019 Trinity County Fair & Youth Livestock Show
Shown by Lucas Sottosanti
Grand Champion Bred and Owned Shorthorn Plus
2019 Ohio Shorthorn Preview Show
Shown by Desirae Logsdon
19 San Antonio Junior Livestock Show, Reserve Grand Champion Angus Steer, shown by Tye Thompson
Reserve Grand Champion Angus Steer
2019 San Antonio Junior Livestock Show
Shown by Tye Thompson
19 Houston Livestock Show, Champion Simbrah Bull, Shown by Pool Farms champ
Champion Simbrah Bull
2019 Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo
Shown by Pool Farms
19 Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, Breed Grand Champion Brangus Steer, Shown by Whitney Mahan champ
Breed Grand Champion Brangus Steer
2019 Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo
Shown by Whitney Mahan
19 Dixie National Junior Roundup, Reserve Champion Shorthorn Female, Shown by Colton Lott Champ
Reserve Champion Shorthorn Female
2019 Dixie National Junior Roundup
Shown by Colton Lott