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Junior Spotlight: Maelee Dean & Corbin Coyle

This month, we shine our Sure Champ® Spotlight on two young people who are no strangers to success. They know the hard work and dedication it takes to #PreptoWin at home, and are grateful when that work is rewarded.  We are going to spotlight Maelee Dean and Corbin Coyle, two Southern exhibitors who have livestock […]

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livestock lice treatment

Winter Invaders: Show Livestock Lice Treatment 

Caring for show livestock in the winter definitely has its advantages. Hair typically grows better. You don’t have to wait until late at night to turn out due to the heat. Flies are not a nuisance. However, there is a small, wingless creature that can have a significant impact on cattle, sheep, goats and pigs […]

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How to Prevent, Treat Mites on Goats 

Often, our worst enemies are those we can’t see. That’s especially true for parasites and goats. More specifically, mites on goats. Mites are tiny parasites we can’t see with our bare eyes, yet they can cause big problems for producers, especially in the show barn.  Mites on goats cause skin irritations and wounds. These lead […]

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Junior Spotlight: Ella Weldon & Maci Zerbach

It’s always enjoyable to shine our Sure Champ® junior spotlight on young people who are ambitious and, successful and know how to work hard to #preptowin. This time, we turn the spotlight on two young ladies who are all of that and more!  Meet Ella Weldon and Maci Zerbach.  Meet Ella Weldon Ella is the […]

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Junior Spotlight: Austin Amick & Echo Bartels

This month we shine our Sure Champ® spotlight on two accomplished exhibitors across multiple time zones who both enjoy showing multiple species. Meet Echo Bartels from Loma, Colorado and Austin Amick from Roanoke, Indiana. Both these young people have a passion for cattle and goats, but Austin prefers pigs, and Echo shows pigs as her […]

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goss livestock

Goss Livestock Offers Advice to #PreptoWin in Life, Show Ring 

 “Remember your why.”   These three words resonate with Danna Goss, the matriarch of the Goss family. She shares the sentiment with young people who she visits with, mentors and when she judges shows.  For the Goss family of Leedey, Oklahoma, they work hard every day with their “why” in focus. According to Danna, their goal […]

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dustin denton, payge dahmer

Junior Spotlight: Payge Dahmer & Dustin Denton 

The great thing about young livestock exhibitors is that they offer diverse perspectives. This month we shine our Sure Champ® Junior Spotlight on two young people who excelled at their respective state fairs this summer: Payge Dahmer and Dustin Denton. Payge Dahmer is the daughter of Cory and Amy Dahmer. She made lasting memories at […]

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