Getting Started with Show Cattle

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Step 1: Selecting Your Calf


Advice for Selecting your Next Show Heifer or Steer

You’ve decided you want to show a steer or heifer, and it is prime time to start the selection and purchase process for your new project. There are magazines nearly two inches thick promoting every show steer open house in…

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Need extra help? Download our guide for picking your show calf here.


Step 2: Equipping your New Project

Moms Know Best

Show moms from the show cattle industry share tips about everything you should know about feeding, show supplies, at the home, and at the show for beginners.

Show Mom Perspective: Simplicity is Key for Equipping New Cattle Exhibitors

It takes a lot of time and practice to be successful at anything you want to succeed in, and for the Glover family of Elgin, Okla., raising and showing cattle is their “sport” of choice. Jamie and Dustin Glover run about 500 cows, working to raise top-quality show steer and heifer prospects to sell across the U.S. And, when they aren’t working with their herd, they can be found in the show barn helping their kids, son Tommy, 14, and daughter Taylor, 10, working on their next set of show prospects.

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Step 3: Daily Care

Keep these tips in mind EVERY. DAY. as you #preptowin


How to Prepare Your Calves for Fall Sales

Midwest state fairs often signify the end of a show season for many young cattle exhibitors, but with every ending comes a new beginning. Soon, cattle operations will be offering this year’s calf crop through their fall sales to potential buyers who are already making…

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Our Six Tips to Successfully Halter Breaking Calves

Summer is winding down, and the busy fall and winter show season is just around the corner. As older calves’ show careers end, a new project is just beginning. Though you may want to jump right in and head to…

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Cattle Health & Nutrition Go Hand-in-Hand when Getting Started on Feed

The excitement of buying your new show calf projects can be overwhelming. You’ve likely driven lots of miles to find just the “right ones” that will match your desired end-point, and now it’s time to bring them home and get…

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Step 4: Show Day Prep Tips


5 Tips for Keeping Your Animals Hydrated

Water is the most essential nutrient of life. Humans, animals and plants all rely on the water for survival, due to its molecular makeup. Water is vital for bodily functions like nutrient intake, absorption and feed conversion, overall health, waste…

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Going the Distance: How to Haul Long Distances and Keep your Show Cattle Healthy

When you have a passion for your industry, you’ll go to great lengths to make sure you are an active participant. Even if that means driving 20 to 30 hours across the country with a load of animals to show…

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