OYE Scholarship Winner is Example of Care that Comes Full Circle

Care that comes full circle. Five simple words that make a big difference to one company headquartered along the Missouri River in Saint Joseph, Missouri. BioZyme® Inc., an innovative animal health and nutrition company, practices care that comes full circle by manufacturing products that make a difference in animals’ lives every day. Those animals help feed the world – people who care for other people and the land. Lisa Norton, BioZyme’s president and CEO, compares it to a boomerang. 

“When a boomerang is properly thrown, it will come right back to you. If you give someone or something care, such as an animal, it will show you care in return. That is why we make sure all of our products are backed by research and produced safely and accurately, so they do what they say they will do,” she said. 

That care is also extended to outreach programs by ensuring young people involved in agriculture are rewarded for their effort. At the recent Oklahoma Youth Expo, Sure Champ®, one of the brands in the BioZyme family of brands awarded the top three percentage females with $3,000 in scholarships. The recipients included Finley Yocham, Supreme Female; Maggie Griswold, Reserve Female; and Carter Kornegay, Bronze Female. 

Carter and her mom, Becca Penner Kornegay, took time to catch up with the Sure Champ team to share how her success with her Shorthorn-Plus heifer Poppy at OYE has come full circle, both for Carter and Poppy. According to Carter, OYE was Poppy’s last show; however, the duo have had a very successful run. 

The coming-2-year-old was born in May 2021, and Carter showed Poppy as a young calf that first October in Tulsa. The two have been inseparable ever since. This past year, they have been to every national show with the exception of the National Western Stock Show. 

“I’m definitely attached to her. She’s very special, and she has been my showmanship heifer, too,” Carter explained. The pair won the Reserve Showmanship title in her age division at the 2022 Shorthorn Junior National.  

Becca also felt the success with this particular heifer was extra special and brought Carter’s project full circle. Becca grew up active in junior Angus programs. Her husband, Chance, showed Shorthorns, so Poppy, a Shorthorn-Plus, is indeed the perfect combination in mom’s eyes. 

Poppy is bred to calve in the very near future, and Carter is hoping to show another heifer as special as her. The 16-year-old sophomore at Collinsville High School said her next show will likely be the Oklahoma Beef Expo in April. For now, school and tennis keep her busy. She is also gearing up for a busy summer where she will attend the National Junior Shorthorn Show, Maine-Anjou/Chianina Junior National and the National Junior Limousin Show. After that summer tour, she will return to Oklahoma just in time to start volleyball practice. 

“I love all the friends I’ve made and the opportunities to see my friends at these shows,” Carter said. 

Her mom agrees and said she likes how life has come full circle. Now, Carter and Carter’s brother Cyrus are making friends with the kids of the friends she made when she and her husband were growing up and showing livestock.  

And will she use that scholarship she received at OYE? Yes. Carter already has plans to attend Oklahoma State University to get a bachelor’s degree. She is even considering medical school to get a pharmacy degree. She knows the value of health and nutrition. The Kornegay family also uses several of the BioZyme products including the VitaFerm® minerals, Vita Charge® Stress Tubs, Vita Charge® Liquid Boost® and Vita Charge® Gel.  

“The Vita Charge products help with the gut health of my heifers. They help before the show and when they are really stressed,” Carter said. 

Take care of the animal. Take care of the young people. They both will take care of you. That is care that comes full circle. Congratulations Carter, Maggie and Finley! We’re proud to present scholarships to three outstanding exhibitors who represent the future so well.