Sure Champ Checklist of Pig Equipment

Feeding & Watering

In the Barn

For the Show

  • Divider panel: BUY NOW
  • Show box: BUY NOW
  • Whip – right length for the showman: BUY NOW 
  • Soft brushes: BUY NOW
  • Show brush: BUY NOW 
  • Rags: BUY NOW
  • Soap: BUY NOW
  • Conditioner: BUY NOW
  • Spray bottles: BUY NOW 
  • Wire and wire cutters
  • Extra-long zip ties
  • Feed pans
  • Water buckets
  • Safety pins (for back numbers)
  • Bobby pins (for loose hair on girl exhibitors)
  • Ink pens (to complete weight cards)

Most of this equipment can be purchased at your local feed store or from:

Sullivan’s Supply:
Weaver Livestock:
QC Supply:

For a downloadable Version: Sure Champ Pig Equipment for Beginners