Senior – Resume Contest

Pick from one of the job descriptions below and then create a resume to match job. Resumes will be evaluated by Resumes should follow these guidelines:

  • Include the position you are applying for
  • Be no more than one page long
BioZyme Sales Intern
The BioZyme Sales Intern is a student looking to gain experience in feed sales to a dealer network and livestock nutrition in both an office and field setting. Sales is generally an area of interest for many college graduates and is one that requires confidence, a positive outlook, excellent communication skills and self-motivation to succeed. Learn the intricacies of what makes a good sales representative great by having some real hands-on experience. This is an excellent way to differentiate yourself when graduation rolls around. The intern needs to be a well-rounded individual who can work with all parties involved and represent the company in a professional manner for eight weeks during the summer. The candidate is required to be able to produce reports, lift 50 pounds, and be familiar with the feeding and general care of livestock.BioZyme Event Intern
BioZyme believes wholeheartedly in junior livestock programs and invests a great deal in supporting exhibitors, especially at key summer events. If you are interested in looking to gain experience in event planning, execution, marketing and on-site PR for Company events as well as trade shows, the BioZyme Event Intern is for you. The candidate is responsible for working with the BioZyme sales and marketing teams to promote our brands, amplify our social media efforts and represent the Company in a trade show booth setting. We encourage creative thinking, skilled execution and the ability to problem-solve.